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We R Sports Women vest is designed for women. This vest maximizes comfort and mobility during workouts. It is the most chosen vest among women buyers.

We designed a vest that has weight distributed equally to ensure comfort throughout the workout. No matter if it's running, walking, or an intense workout.

We R Sports women vest is designed to let you breathe easy and train hard. With adjustable straps and shoulder straps, it gives you the secure and snug fit that you want out of all vest. It gives you the range of motion, and yet is a perfect fit for your body.

Made with 1200 D-Nylon, it gives you the comfort and durability at the same time. Workout with We R Sports Vest, and get back in shape again, get that body you want, quicker and better.

  • One size fits all
  • Ultra-soft padding
  • Will not absorb sweat
  • This can be used with any Exercise

By forcing your body to move explosively at a higher weight than it has been accustomed to (i.e. by adding a weighted vest to artificially simulate an increase in your bodyweight), you will find that your strength, power, and quickness will all improve quite rapidly.

The reason for this is that your central nervous system (CNS) and muscles start to believe that you have gained extra weight, and will start adapting accordingly. When the weight vest is removed, your body will react as if the weight is still there. The result is faster gains and higher jumps.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Wilkinson
Excellent quality

Excellent quality and great design. Small fits size 10 fine, it’s quite adjustable.

Great product

Good sizing for female to allow max movement (am usually size 8, 5ft3 tall). Like how you can remove/add the weights if you get 15kg version. I use for resistance training not running. Speedy delivery.

Donna Mackay
Vest fits ok. Has to be put on overhead which can be a challenge in itself!

The vest fits nice and snug, although has to be put on overhead which can be difficult. I bought the 15kg so weights can be taken out if needed. I’m a size 8/10 and and have it on it’s smallest fitting.
The individual weights are very bulky so if you’re doing burpees or exercises on your back it’s very difficult. Standing exercises are fine but I found chest to floor burpees hurt, especially right between the chest with the weight pocket right at your chest bone. I found I had to take it off and on which isn’t ideal. If the weights/ pocket design could be changed to more plate style this vest could be perfect.  

Lady's weighted vest

I am unable to compare this with other weighted vests aimed at women, because it is the first one I've tried. I am quite small, so I got the 5kg vest. The vest has to be lifted over the head to get it on, which is a bit awkward. The weights are solid bars that are held in pockets. If you buy the 10kg vest you can remove some of the weights, but you can't buy extra weights for the 5kg vest as there are no extra pockets. All in all, it is an OK vest, fairly comfortable, and I will continue to use it. Personally I would not run wearing it, but it is fine for resistance exercises. It is important to make sure the vest is in a balanced position before fastening it tight with the velcro strap, otherwise it hurts one shoulder. The price was good in comparison to others.
(Ideally a gilet jacket style vest with sand/iron filing weights and facility to purchase additional weights for it if necessary would be best. There are weighted vests like this available online for women, but the cost - over £100! - is prohibitive).

niyati srivastava

handy and works for me

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