Boxing Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag Stand MMA Kick Strike

Boxing Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag Stand MMA Kick Strike 


We R Sports Freestanding Punch Bags are great for people that don't want to put up a punching bag or simply can't. Freestanding Punch Bags are a great alternative and simple solution. 

We R Sports Punch bag that can take as much as you can give. This heavy-duty free standing bag from We R Sports should be your perfect boxing partner. 
This full-length bag stretches to 175cm from base to top and has been constructed from highly durable synthetic leather which makes it suitable for soaking up kicks, knee strikes and punches. 
The base can be filled with sand to weigh the bag down and prevent it from swaying anywhere. 

  • Made of durable synthetic leather for long-lasting use 
  • Stable and Robust Sand Filled Base (Sand not Included)
  • The full-length bag can be used for punches, kicks and knee strikes E.T.C 
  • Dimensions: Height: 170cm (68") x Diameter of Punch Bag: 40cm (17") x Diameter of Base: 60cm (23") 
  • Engineered for heavy use 

Customer Reviews

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Mr A Bennett
Great mid-level bag

This is a great mid-level bag. I bought it for my 14-year-old son who does MMA and I thought I might have a knock around too (I'm a runner not a fighter).
The delivery was delayed, which left me waiting a whole day for nothing. However, this was the courier, not We R Sports.
When the bag arrived it was in a box that had seen better days. The whole package was light and easy to manoeuvre into the house. The punch bag was undamaged and in good condition.
The base is not solid but foam-lined. This makes sense for kicking. The bag itself is solid compact foam that seems to retain shape. The cover is leather-like and seems durable. The stitching also seems durable.
I filled the base with cat litter. Thank you to the other reviewer who gave this tip! I just placed the bags in the base. It took seven regular sixed bags. This makes it very heavy to move, to locate carefully. Using the lacing to attach the top to the bottom takes time but, apparently, looks well cool.
The bag can take nearly all my son throws at it at the moment. Some combinations knock it over - he sees this more of a challenge than a problem - as do push kicks.
Heavier punches from me can also knock it over. There is still scope to add a bit more weight, but it is fine for now.
As a training bag for a mid-weight teenager, this is great. It serves its purpose for us, as my son has used it frequently over the past fortnight. For heavier punchers/kickers, you will need to consider denser material for the base.
Very pleased.

sarah barrett

Great product

Anne Stanford
Brilliant buy

Well worth the money, would recommend. Very strong punch bag, ideal for a large area.

kimberley robertson-hunt
Really happy, pleased I purchased.

Really happy with it, speedy delivery and it’s really sturdy. I’ve got two small bags of sand in the bottom of mine, which is fine for me but I’d add more for someone that’s packs a stronger punch.

Very good quality

Very good quality product.

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