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CrossFit Cages

CrossFit Cages

A power cage is a piece of CrossFit machine that is mainly used as a convenient bench and squat rack for free weight barbell exercises. It has become more and more common in CrossFit home and garage gym. It is also commonly called a power rack or squat rack, although squat racks often mean a smaller, open unit.

At We R Sports we provide the best CrossFit cages. Take a look at our power cages and give it a go for your training. Contact us to know more about setting up your CrossFit rig/s

Big power cage rack size dimensions
Big Power Cage Rack multi gym from WeRsports

MaxiLift Big Power Cage Rack

We R Sports


The MaxiLift Big Power Cage Rack is a beast of a power rack. This one is not for the faint-hearted and only for those who want a serious workout. A...

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