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a black guy making himself a smoothie in the kitchen

How Dairy Products Affect Your Workout

Dairy products have been staples of our diet for many generations. We have used them as a great source of nutrition, we've fed them to our kids, our pets, you name it... As an example, milk is frequently regarded as...

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a woman pouring salad dressing over veg bowl before working out

34 Fitness-Boosting Summer Fruits and Vegetables

As the seasons change, so do our eating habits. In the summer, we tend to gravitate towards lighter, fresher foods that help keep us cool in the hot weather.  Some would say that the warmer months lend themselves better to...

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5 people using their one exercise bikes in the gym

How To Lose Belly Fat With Indoor Cycling

Most of us have, at certain points in our lives, wanted to lose weight - our motivations will have been different, however, the ONE thing we all know deep-down is that exercise always has to be a part of the...

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A man and a woman are doing pushups on a track

How Many Pushups Should I Be Able To Do?

Pushups have long since been a measure with which to compare one's strength.  For example, in the Forces, a recruit is often measured for how many pushups they can do as a way to determine their place in the pecking...

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a woman eating a healthy apple looking at laptop in fitness gear

10 Reasons Why Fitness is Important in Life

Fitness is important to every aspect of your life. From looking good, feeling great, and being healthy to living a long life and getting the most out of it. In the modern age where life expectancy is getting longer and...

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Lady feeling her belly fat before training

Best Exercise Equipment to Lose Belly Fat

In recent years, people have been more conscious about their weight and the shape of their body. This has led to a rise in exercise machines that help with weight loss. People have become more aware about exercise and its...

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