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We R Sports Free Standing Punching Bag

Scorch fat and relieve stress with the heavy hitting We R Sports Free Standing Punch Bag, feel free to pummel the solid foam striking area until the sweat is dripping off thanks to We R Sports intuitive V-Flex collar technology.

Flexibility in the collar forces the bag to rebound back with every kick or punch so you can keep a repetitive stream of strikes going instead of waiting for the bag to tediously swing back and slow you down.V-Flex also absorbs most of the impacts no matter how high or low they are taking the sway away from the stand keeping the punch bag firmly fixed in place, and with a 24 gallon capacity to fill with water (or sand) it still wouldn't be going very far regardless.

We R Sports Uses a flexible collar system which allows the free standing punch bag to absorb substantial impact without base movement. We R Sports Uses a layered matrix of synthetic leather and webbed vinyl are engineered to outlast the heaviest hitters.

Did You Know? A 20-minute boxing cardio workout can burn 281 calories vs 164 calories burnt for a high impact aerobics class or 188 calories for a 12-14 mph bike ride. Boxing Benefits:- Increases bicep and triceps strength - Sculpts the deltoids (shoulders) - Sculpts entire legs - Sculpts abdominals

  • A combination of the synthetic leather bag and high-density plastic base provides superior flexibility, durability, and resilience 
  • Precisely engineered with spring action response. 
  • Flexible collar system allows bag to absorb substantial impact with minimal movement 
  • Multi layered shock absorbing foam with protective outer layer for resilient long lasting use 
  • Dimensions: L: 56cm (22'') x W: 56cm (22'') x H: 148cm (56.7'') 
  • Holds up to 24 gallons of water (approx. 108.9kg) or 167kg sand filled 
  • Product Weight: 17kg

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martin jones
Great bag and good value

I was worried It would move about all over the place. Filled with sand and it moves only a little. Very pleased, great feel to the bag.

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