AirDuo Air Assault Exercise Bike | Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Air Bike

AirDuo™ Exercise Bike Commercial Air Bike Dual Action Fan Bike Full Body Gym Workout Crossfit


The We R Sports AirDuo™ Bike dual action design leads both your upper body workout completely. 
The durable fan resistance provides you with a smooth pedalling feel.
The greater resistance you want the faster you have to pedal. 

The Console

Competition Ready: The We R Sports Air Duo™Bike comes with everything you're accustomed to and more! Start pedalling and the console immediately tracks Distance, Time, Speed, Calories, Watts, RPM and Target Heart Rate. The console also includes a Unique "Champion" setting which promotes participant competition by recording the best results: We've also included the ability to SET or TARGET distance, calories, Heart rate and time while the console counts down from your targeted goal so you know just how much longer to work for.

  • 50kg steel frame 
  • Heavy-Duty 24" fan, 27" with Fan Housing 
  • Sealed cartridge bottom bracket
  • Heavier base and handles produce a more intense workout 
  • Increased arm range of motion 
  • The pedal arm uses bearings - stays tighter over time 
  • Comes with 2 wheels located at the front of the frame.
  • Tracks distance, speed, pace, 
  • Calories burned, watts, and HR 
  • Programmable Interval Functions 
  • (Work, Rest programs) 
  • Set Distance time tracking 
  • Distance tracked in meters or thousandths of a mile (1000.0 = 1 mile) 
  • Unique "Champion" setting which promotes participant competition by recording the best results 
  • Comfort/Adjustments 
  • Rubber-dipped handles 
  • 4-way adjustable seat 
  • Peg attachment footrests 
  • Extra padding on seat 
  • Steel fan wheel transmission system 
  • Belt driving system 
  • With Multi-grip handlebar equipped 
  • With LCD console equipped 
  • Full commercial grade pedal equipped. Pedal to Lowest Seat Position: 68cm Pedal to Highest Seat Position: 92cm L x W X H- 110cm x 56cm x 118cm 
Box 1 133 x 39 x 89cm
Weight 80.5kg

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