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If cardio is your focus, air bikes with a fully adjusted seat are a must!

With their heavy-duty blades and an ingenious crank mechanism, a quick sprint on one of these and you'll know you're on track to success!

The AirUno™ Assault Air Bike is nothing like you've ever experienced before. Just 30 seconds on it, at an intense pace, and you’ll feel totally exhilarated and ready to take on the world!


Need for a commercial gym? Check out Air Duo for heavier use.

Not only does this achingly cool bit of kit really look the part, but the stylish SportsPower Hybrid seat also provides a comfortable ride when you need it most.

Safety and stability are also top of the list here too. On Assault bikes such as this, you are moving your entire body at a fast pace and with a lot of power so the machine will need to be rock solid.

Despite being incredibly sturdy and suitable for users weighing up to 150kg, the AirUno™ Assault Air Bike is surprisingly space efficient. Ideal for anyone whose exercise area is a little more limited, its narrow frame belies its strength and stamina.

Taking out the bike is no longer a chore with the integrated relocation wheels.  Now, with the built-in handle at the back fo the machine, this process becomes even easier!

So are you ready to feel the burn? Place your order now for super-fast delivery!

  • Home Use
  • FREE Heart Rate Belt!
  • Chain Driven
  • Large Comfortable Seat
  • Relocation Wheels/Rollers
  • Adjustable Seat Height & Depth
  • Large Fan Blades

Fitness Programs

  • 10/20 Interval
  • 20/10 Interval
  • Target Time
  • Target Distance
  • Target Heart-Rate
  • Custom Interval


  • Resistance Type: Air
  • Adjustable Seat: Depth & Height
  • Dimensions: 1260 x 585 x 1300mm
  • Monitor Functions: RPM, Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie, WATT, Pulse (Requires Heart Rate/Pulse Belt - Included FREE!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Matt Willis
Genuinely brilliant

I know you’re always going to read a mixture of comments before deciding to purchase... but 100% one of the quickest, easiest purchases I’ve ever made - and the products fantastic! The delivery driver was extremely helpful also. Would definitely recommend both the product and company!

Anthony David Kelly
AirUno Assault Air Bike

Delivered quicker than I thought and easy to assemble. The bike gives a great workout for both upper and lower body. Thanks for the excellent service.

Nash Tee
Great Bile

I’m really loving the bike , it’s real steady and suitable for all sizes. I have an issue with the mint or though - it’s very basic and doesn’t store workouts neither can you use blue tooth
This is one of the things I wanted to be able to track my exercises and make adjustments each time. I love the bike but the monitor is too basic for the type of bike it is

John Coleman
My New Toy

With another lockdown without an end date, I needed to ramp up my CV training. There is only so many jumping jacks and Burpees to max out the heart rate. This assault bike has been a godsend; various modes, from steady state movement , interval training, to ball's out. Only adverse comment is the uncomfortable seat. This was a great purchase, 10-out-of-10 so far, but I've had it less than a month.

Michael Parry

Great Product and very fast delivery. Very happy.

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