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thanks for the awesome service and great product again

Company sends pestering emails asking for a review

I bought this as a Christmas present for my Nephew. It is the one he requested so he must like it but he has not opened it yet. So it is a bit hard to give a meaningful review but hopefully this will stop the emails.
Probably a good idea to unsubscribe from their mailing list after buying.


Good product quick delivery

2nd trampoline we have had as such good quality

Delivery was super quick, we have not set up yet as it’s a Christmas present but it’s the second trampoline we have had from we r sports and we were so please with how long the first lasted that we bought another


Extremely quick delivery - haven't unpacked it yet as it for Christmas

3 Tier Dumbell Rack We R Sports

Bought a number of items from this company, all excellent quality, very well
Priced, Great Communication and prompt delivery, Highly Recommended.

Dumbell set

My 14 year old son bought these to help gain strength. The dumbells arrived promptly and are good quality for the price, and he finds them easy to use

Excellent service

Easy to use site. Delivered free and excellent product. Thank you

Christmas present

Unable to review just yet as tjis is for Christmas. What i can say is that it was a straightforward process to order and delivery was fast.

Vibeflex plates

Good quality plates, very happy

Air bike

Gear product delivered really quickly. Easy to assemble really pleased with it

Amazing Quality

Great quality plates and fast delivery.

Brilliant spinning bike strong and sturdy

An excellent product
Easy to put together. All parts, amazing quality.
Strong and sturdy.
A thoroughly fantastic product.
Just the thing my husband and I needed to do some working out at home.
Highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to start working out.

Decent machine

The machine is what I expected. It is not best product in the world, but it does what it should do. I think there are some parts that could be done a bit better though. Handles are shaped in position that is tiring wrists and hands quickly, also cross trainer long handles do not fit well and I need fasten them every few minutes.
I know it is good enough for that price, so no complains really for now.

Fast Delivery

Got it a lot quicker than I expected and the bike is sturdy as hell!

Good squat rack.

I am a beginner to powerlifting and needed an adjustable squat rack that could be used in a small area and not take up much space when not in use. After a lot of research, this rack was the most ideal for my needs and I decided to purchase. I have used this rack 3 times a week for the past month now, adjusting both the height for squatting and benching pressing, and changing width between max and minimum for use and storage. So far I have reached 67.5kg/149lb on barbell squat and it is taking the weight nicely—feels solid—with minor movement when placing heavy barbell on rack after squatting. I am a little worried about the pop pins that hold the spotters, not that they are showing any weakness or signs of wear, but from the continuous use of screwing, I just hope the screw threads last and don't wear out! Personally, I think the safety hooks are useless; they don't feel like they would stop the barbell from flipping up when loading heavy weights. However, I do use them when loading ‘just in case’. Maybe I'll update this review after a years use, but so far I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend if it suits your needs. Something to be aware of if you are using a 7ft Olympic barbell on this rack; the spotters at max width do not reach to the inner side of loading sleeve, as seen in product pictures. I am using a 66.88" 10kg Olympic barbell (as 7ft barbell doesn't fit in my small area) and the gap is approx. 5–6cm from my loading sleeve, so it's not so bad. 26/03/18

Excellent Bosu Ball

Was looking for a good quality BOSU ball without paying the extortionate price of the brand name one. After using this for some weeks now, really impressed with the quality, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quality BOSU ball at a decent price

Great product

I've tried and seen one or two these vests and this is the most practical and comfortable with great value.

Great value, solid product.

Do not be fooled by this bikes low price. The quality is fantastic and in my opinion is a match for products twice the price. I was a bit sceptical at first as exercise/spinning bikes tend to be quite expensive and this one seemed very reasonable. After reading the reviews I decided to purchase it. The transaction, delivery and assembly was a breeze and it provides all you need for a great workout including various resistance levels, easy seat/handlebar adjustments as well as time, distance and calories measurements on the attached meter. All this combined with excellent after sales service make this bike a no brainer for anyone wanting to get fit of lose a few pounds.

Better than the xpower model for a minimal price difference

I had the the We R Sports Xpower model for almost 2 years and even though that bike was decent, I started to feel that I needed something a little bit sturdier. It was fine when I was just starting out but now that I have built some leg muscles and stamina, I think decided it was time to go for the next stage.

The good bits about the VenomX Spinning Bike
The bike is huge, the pictures really don't show this but it feels like it's twice the size of the other one.
This one does not flinch no matter how much I throw at it!
The handlebars are a lot more comfortable and hefty and the fore/aft adjustments are a bonus that I didn't think I'd use but I am.
It also seems to ride a lot better than the previous one, I don't know if it is the heavier flywheel, the upgraded crank or the fact that the resistance is provided via a pad on top of the flywheel (rather than 2 on each side) but either way, a much better ride.
The monitor is miles better in terms of readability, the previous one had a tiny screen which meant that you needed to press the button everytime you wanted to know different stats. On this, you have a lot more information shown because of the much larger screen size. If there's a thing that warrants the extra price, this is it!
The transport wheels seem better on this too but it's not something I really use so I can't really comment on this other than that it looks better.

I wish the monitor had slightly more functions and had the ability to connect to my phone to store the sessions. Maybe that's asking for a lot but it would be nice.
The transport wheels; I don't use them, have no need for them and I want to remove them. I can remove the wheels themselves but the bars still stick out.

All in all, couldn't be happier. For the money, I haven't been able to find anything better (I did my research, for quite a bit) and because their support was always on point, it was a no-brainer. Only had it for about a month so things could change but so...

I'm very Happy!

Great bike!
Stable, silent and nice.
The ride is very fluid and very similar to real bike.
Assembling it's easy to do, not more than 40 minutes.
The only negative point it's the heigh of the seat, I'm cm1,83 therefore I stretched
the pipe under the seat of cm 10. In this way my legs work very well!
Of course it's not the best bike in absolute, but ratio quality/price it's incredible!!!
I suggest this purchase to everybody (exept the professional !) , much better than
any cyclette that I saw!
The delivery time it's acceptable, 5 days to Italy.
The packaging was a little damaged, but no damage on the bike.

Super product !

Sorry for my English!!
The ratio price/quality it's incredible,
Delivery on time ( 2days before!) easy to assemble in 30/40 minutes.
The bike look strong and very nice, very silence and friendly to use. I'm completely satisfied of my purchase! Thanks a lot!

Nice Weights

I had been using dumbbells with plate weights from a well known manufacturer but after having some issues with quality I decided to give the HexFlex Rubber Coated Hexagon Dumbbells a try. First impressions were nice looking weights with comfortable grips. They definitely feel much nicer to use with no threaded bar sticking out the end giving me bruises getting in and out of position on the bench. Resting these briefly on my legs was not at all uncomfortable.
I did check the weights and they are pretty spot on with only a very small variance, certainly not enough to notice. if I have a grip its the preserving oil they came coated in which I had to wash off prior to use. Not a major thing though..
I am pleased I bought these and though its early days they seem like they will last quite a long time. Service and delivery from We R Sports was really good, nice to deal with and the weights arrived quickly and well packaged.

Good product

I bought the 15 kg and 18kg, they are sturdy and very good for a home gym, pity they are expensive compared to adjustable dumbells