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Use a We R Sports Bosu Ball to Improve Your Strength, Flexibility, Balance

No home gym is complete without a Bosu ball. These dome-shaped tools are a flexible piece of equipment that will add variety and intensity to a wide array of traditional exercises. Durable, lightweight, and easy to transport, Bosu products are easy to work into just about any exercise regimen.

What is a Bosu Ball? A Bosu balance trainer looks like a traditional exercise ball that is cut in half. Half of the ball is dome-shaped and bouncy, while the other half is a flat platform. Bosu balls are extremely durable, allowing you to place either side on the floor and use it for a safe, effective, workout.

What Can You Do with a Bosu Ball? Your Bosu trainer can add a level of difficulty to almost any exercise you can think of. When you use it with the dome side up, it can act as either a step or an exercise ball. Because of its flat, stable surface, you can stand on top of it without falling over.

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Excellent service

I ordered a purple BOSU board however the colour I had chosen was no longer in stock. Instead of just delaying or cancelling my order I instantly received a personal email detailing the options I had in order to get a BOSU board to me as quickly as possible. It arrived the next day… a pink one. I didn’t have any preference really about the colour but the board I definitely needed, so was so pleased with this customer service and attention to detail. Will definitely order from We R Sports again. Thank you.

Karen Casey
Great seller

Fantastic customer service

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