SofaCycle Portable Mini Exercise Bike With a Green Trim

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You don't always need to use the traditional exercise bike to get great results. Our range of soft cycles SofaCycle™ Mini Exercise Bike with LCD Display with green trim are excellent for those that want to exercise from the comfort of their chair or sofa. 

Take your exercise to the Sofa
It's not always easy to get the time to exercise but with the new SofaCycle™ with its state of the art Magnetic Resistance System and DoubleBelt™ tech inside, we have no more excuses.

It has never been easier to get into fitness and the SofaCycle™ is the perfect place to start.

Monitor: Calories, Distance, Timer, Reps, Total Reps and Scan (Random Mode)

Choose your pace
Start slow and work your way up the resistance levels until your muscles start to feel the workout.  The magnetic resistance makes this the perfect sofa companion.

Built for stability
Pedal straps and carefully designed stabilisers ensure the best workout possible without sacrificing posture.

Space is of importance
We've designed the SofaCycle Mini Exercise Bike to be as space efficient as possible without sacrificing functionality and experience.

With a width of just 30cm, this is one of the best Mini Exercise Bikes for the space conscious.

Made to fit your home
We place great importance on the looks of our products because it is our belief that an attractive product is a product you will want to use and the SofaCycle™ Mini Exercise Bike is one of the better ones we have developed so far.

Assembled Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm x 29cm
Weight: 5.8KG

Customer Reviews

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Mixed feelings

This bike does what it should, I think, but it came with NO instructions as to safe use and no instructions for the LED screen - how to set functions and how to replace batteries. Rather useless without! Haven't used it yet.

Sofa cycle

Arrived with the battery case broken and found the cracked bit inside so hopefully glue will hold it. There is a massively loud clunk as the peddles go around in one place and there does not feel like there is a magnetic pull at all, so hardly any resistance. I would say good for an injured, unfit or elderly person, not someone who is used to the gym. However it is comfortable apart from a bit of sliding but fab up against a wall. The clunk is extremely annoying although on the whole this is quite good for circulation, and quite fun.

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