Folding Exercise Bike Magnetic Fitness Cardio Machine Cycle 2 in 1 Exercise Bike

Folding Exercise Bike Magnetic Cardio Machine

8 Magnetic Resistance Levels.
Easy to use twist resistance control.  The resistance varies from almost "air" like to replicating the resistance you'd get from riding a bicycle.

Seating Designed from your Feedback.
The 2 in 1 Solution
 - Sit back and cruise or lean forward and race.  The way we've designed the seat is to support both styles of training.  Some of you prefer to sit back whilst watching TV, whilst others are interested in adopting a power posture and go all out, the seat makes this possible whilst still making it easy to get in and out, which is extremely crucial for those of you that might have had surgery.

Transport/Relocation Wheels.
Wheel this around the house with ease.  No need to break your back moving the equipment in the first place.

Pedals that are grippy & Adjustable
Open pedals make it easy to get your feet in and out without needing to buckle anything in.  This is especially useful if you've just had surgery and find it difficult to bend down to strap your feet in.

Keep track of your stats.
We've improved the monitor in both its aesthetics as well as accuracy, whilst still maintaining the functionality that was loved in the previous generation. 

Phone and Tablet Holder.
We understand it's hard to keep away from our devices and judging by your feedback, this was a must-have feature for most of you so now it's here!  Large enough to accommodate most tablets out there.  Netflix binge-watching whilst getting fit? Why not!

Zero to folded in seconds.
The same beloved folding mechanism as was available on the previous generation now made stronger and more stable.  This is a must-have feature for those with space restrictions.

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

Net Weight: 17.3KG

Gross Weight: 20.5KG

Please note: The tablet shown is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in this sale.

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