8FT High Wood Core Gymnastics Balance Beam Gym Training Metal Feet Equipment Bar

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If you're looking for a high quality, safe and sturdy gymnastics beam, then consider our GymnaTrax 8FT High Wood Core Gymnastics Balance Beam.

Wondering how strong it is? Wood core with a weight capacity of  250lbs(113KG). 

The great thing is, there's no centre support beneath the beam. This means that you are able to slide a sneaky little mat underneath with very little effort.

You know you're dealing with quality when you compare our beam to others. We basically use twice the amount of wood in construction than our competitors do. This makes it a lot harder for the beam to flex or bend when it is carrying your weight.

Padding - We use the same padding as competition beams. This is a great advantage because it provides you with the exact same feeling as a competition beam underfoot. This makes using this beam for training ideal.

Cover? Heavy grade suede.  Provides excellent durability and great non-slip traction.

Shape - Just like the competition beams, our beams are curved. Again, this is great for practicing because it provides you with a more realistic training experience.

Reinforced Ends - Unlike other suppliers, our beams are manufactured with reinforced ends. This will ensure that wear and tear are at a minimum and your beam should last longer.

Warranty? All of our beams come with a two-year transferable warranty.

Safety -  When the beams are manufactured they are thoroughly tested. They are fitted with robust rubber pads, custom matting, and high-grade steel.

The work surface is 7inchs high and 4 inches. wide and the padding used is the same as competition beam padding which means it is highly durable and super easy to keep clean.

The support braces are 12 in. wide and made of steel.

Since the beam core is pre-drilled it means higher metal beam legs can be fitted to the beam later on if you need. Overall, this makes for a very practical and universal training beam.


  • Heavy Grade Synthetic Suede Covering
  • Padded Top
  • Rubber End Caps on Legs
  • Cross Grain Laminated Wood Construction
  • Competition Oval Shaped Sides
  • Beam Length 244cm - Beam Width 15cm - Beam Hight 10cm
  • Metal Legs
  • Material seams on bottom are covered with wood trim for a finished look.
  • No exposed staples
  • Weight Limit 250 lbs.

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