The Crossfit equipment that will maximise your workout

The Crossfit equipment that will maximise your workout

In recent years Crossfit exercise has increased in popularity and is now one of the most talked about workout methods in the fitness industry.

Driven by data this workout method combines the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Performing varied functional movements at high intensity enables the body to work out to its maximum and produce high fitness results.

There are thousands of fitness obsessives use Crossfit workouts to reach their targets and as their main method of exercising and improving their fitness. If you want to be the fittest, Crossfit workouts are definitely for you.

As it was created to test the world’s fittest Crossfit requires a range of equipment to help you maximise your workout, your gym kit has to be able to stand the test of constant use, so don’t sacrifice on quality.

8 Crossfit equipment items you should add to your collection

As Crossfit consists of the same functional movements there are 8 key pieces to have at your hands to help see you through the workout.

Battle Ropes

Seen in pretty much every personal trainer’s workout videos Battle Ropes are a brilliant piece of Crossfit equipment that you can add to your workout.

Helping to improve your upper body strength these powerful ropes are heavily weighted and available in two different lengths, the longer the rope the increased level of workout.

Crossfit Balls

There are three different types of Crossfit balls that you can add to your workout:

  • Wall Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Slam Ball

A weighted wall ball is an extremely versatile item of Crossfit equipment and can be used to help improve core strength in a number of exercises such as sit ups, lunges and push ups.

Weighted medicine balls aren’t a new product, they have been being used in workouts for years. However, they shouldn’t be forgotten when planning your Crossfit workout.

These no bounce slam balls are perfect for bootcamp workouts, durable and high quality they can help you to increase your results from your Crossfit workout.

Crossfit Cages

Looking for a piece of kit to invest into?

Crossfit cages are an exciting piece of gym equipment that can help you to take your workout to the next level. Having a whole frame to play with means that you can add in different exercises and combine these with your usual routines.

Power Bags

A crossfit equipment must is the power bag. Available in different sizes and weights, this piece of equipment will help you to strengthen and increase muscular endurance of important muscle groups including the upper body and core strength.

Work power bags into your routine by using them in simple exercises to make them that bit tougher, great examples include adding them into your lunges and squats for that extra burn.

Plyometric Boxes

These boxes encourage the stretching and shortening of muscle fibres, improving speed agility and power by using only your body weight and gravity.

An ideal part of any Crossfit equipment kit plyometric boxes are simple but a staple part of the high intensity workout.

Suspension Trainers

Adding resistance and suspension training into your workout will allow you to improve your overall strength and fitness. Crossfit puts an emphasis on suspension training, so add one of these kits to your workout gear for an improved and tough routine.

Weighted Vests

Want to make your Crossfit workout that bit harder? Add weight to everything you do. Wear one of these weighted vests when doing the cardio section to your workout and you’ll vastly improve your fitness and become closer to achieving your fitness dreams.

Need help finding the right piece of kit for your Crossfit equipment set?

If you need help finding the right pieces of Crossfit gear for your kit our team can help. We have a huge range of workout gear and tools to help you maximise your workout.

We know everything there is to know about sporting equipment so if you have any questions about the pieces of kit on our website don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

To speak to a member of our We R Sports team call us on 015 3626 8088 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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