CrossFit Balls

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Sports conditioning is an aspect of fitness that is growing in popularity. College and professional strength coaches have been using medicine balls because they offer so many benefits.

  1. Used to mimic sports movements
  2. Effectively trains the aerobic energy systems
  3. Completely portable
  4. Relatively inexpensive
  5. Give an aspect of fun in workouts

Our slam balls gives that type of intense workouts that crossfit trainers crave. Take a look at our selection and see for yourself.

  • Wall Ball
    We R Sports XTR Wall Ball The Wall Ball from We R Sports Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength and providing a total body workout. Extremely versatile, you can use the Wall Ball for various exercises including throws, sit ups, lunges, push-ups, slams, squats and much more. The most popular exercise is squatting down and throwing the wall ball to a target on a wall above you before catching it and repeating. It is essential for this exercise that the wall ball is not going to cause serious injury if not caught, which is why We R Sports Fitness Wall Balls are made from soft PU and filled with sand. Add resistance to your workout or practice explosive throws with the high-quality Wall Ball from We R Sports. Complete with bold design and weight labelled on the side for easy identification, these are ideal additions to your workout routine. Please note; Not suitable for commercial use.

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  • W8Ball Crossfit Medicine Ball

    Medicine Balls are common fitness equipment in any gym. Using the We R Sports© Medicine ball enhances the muscle group building including Abs and upper body.

    Medicine balls are known as Exercise balls, med balls or fitness balls.

    Medicine balls are used in rehabilitation and strength training to arm, chest and leg muscles for athletes.

    Exclusive design! Perfectly balanced and durably constructed, our We R Sports Med-Balls are built to maintain their shape. Perform traditional medicine ball exercises, bounce them against a wall or floor, or pass them to a partner. 

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  • W8Ball Slam Ball
    The slam ball offers no-bounce design and is intended for repeated slamming on solid surfaces. Great for CrossFit, MMA, boot camp, ab workout, rehabilitation, and many other exercises. The sand filled inside keeps the ball from bouncing and rolling around during use. The perfect tool for Crossfit workouts, Personal Trainers, Core Strengthening, or Sports Specific Training like MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, etc Freedom strength no bounce slam balls are filled with Sand and have a very durable Latex high-density cover. The Slam Balls are an excellent addition to any all over body high-intensity workout.

    Starting at: £8.99