Plyometric Boxes

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More and more cross fit enthusiasts are training with plyometric exercises using boxes, which involve explosive movements such as jumping. The advantages are gained from this type of plyometric training, includes improved speed and quickness, less wasted movement and actions, and a greater improvement in agility, balance, and timing. Take a look at our selection to jump start your training.

  • 3 in 1 Plyometrics Box
    IMPROVE YOUR SPEED, AGILITY AND POWER WITH THE USE OF A WE R SPORTS® PLYOMETRIC BOX Plyometric training is a very effective way for athletes to improve their speed, agility and power by just using your body weight and gravity. CORE ELEMENT OF TRAINING We R Sports® Plyometrics is a core element of training and is widely used in Weightlifting, CrossFit and professional Sporting Athletes. The fast movements of pylometric training will not only develop muscular strength, quickness and balance but also improve the ability of an athlete to start quicker, accelerate faster, change direction more quickly. We R Sports® Plyometric exercise engages the stretch and shortening cycle of the muscle fibers, therefore increasing the power output as well as boosting overall strength in the athletic performance! 3-SIDED PLYOMETRIC BOX This 3-sided plyobox makes adjusting heights easy by simply rotating the box on different sides to accomplish three different heights in one. This 40/50/60cm Or 50/60/75cm box is the best space saving and cost effective what to train Frame 3/4" Plywood Dimensions 3 sided box with 3 different heights 40/50/60 or 50/60/75cm Weight = 13kg Maximum User Weight 150kg
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  • Adjustable Plyometric Box BLACK
    Material: Steel Max Height: 24" (61cm) Width: 18" (45cm) Length: 18" (45cm) Weight: 49 lbs (22kg) Color: Black

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