What Is A Good Food & Fitness Plan For Someone Who Is Extremely Busy?

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Like most people these days. Finding the time in your busy schedule to work out is extremely difficult. It’s even harder to squeeze in eating healthy too.

Those fast-food restaurants and quick snacks from the newsagents are pretty tempting, aren’t they?

Today I’m going to share with you some tips on how you can get in shape (especially if your life is super busy).

Plan Ahead

This is probably the most important tip of all. The title says “busy”, so I’m going take the generalist view that you are busy in a full-time job for the sake of the argument. If you do work full time and don’t have a lot of time. The best thing you can do is get organised

If you do nothing else, make sure you plan ahead. This will be the one thing that will help you with your overall fitness plan.

When’s the best day to do this? I would say Sunday. To some, it is the end of the week and to others, the start of the week. Either way, it’s a great day to plan the next week ahead.

You can either use a notebook or an online calendar. Write down all of the items in your fitness plan for the next 7 days. This should include the hours you are at work, the time you need to wake up, get up and the time you get home.

With this noted, you can then work out when you can fit in exercise. By doing this, you should also be able to calculate when and what type of meals you will need to prepare and what meals you will have each day.

Can you see how effective this is?

Granted, this might be a little hard to get into. But, I guarantee you, if you do this for long enough, you should see your life transform. The more you plan, the more time you have to fulfill your exercise program and the more free time you’ll have.

Set Realistic Goals

“Yeah, right easier said than done” I hear you say. However, while you are planning ahead, the setting of goals should be the next task on your list. 

As long as you are completely honest with yourself and give yourself enough time to travel and for eating meals, you should be good to go. 

Also, don’t forget to include rest times into your plan. This is a popular thing to leave out as you often forget that you need a certain amount of downtime.

Don’t forget, the more realistic you are with your fitness goals, the easier it will be to stick to them. You will also feel a lot more motivated to go on as you keep smashing those goals. In time you will start to build momentum.

Cook In Bulk

man and woman batching their meals

The idea of cooking in bulk is not a new one. People have been doing this forever. However, never has it been as popular as it is today.

The fact that people live busier lives and are working more hours. It’s more important than ever to plan ahead which also means planning your meals ahead too.

It also means you should start to eat a lot healthier as you won’t feel the need to grab a quick bite between travel, work, and exercise because you are limited for time.

With modern technology, like microwaves and boil in the bag this and boil in the bag that, it’s never been easier to reheat your meals when and what time you need to.

If you are struggling for ideas, then check out Pinterest. That’s a great website and resource for you to steal some ideas from.

Prepare Snacks

Now you might think that this is the same point as the last one. But, it’s not.

Preparing evening meals is one thing. Preparing snacks is another. Most of us have no problem eating healthy meals at home.

The problem is when we’re on the run dashing from one place to another. That’s when we sneak in a cheeky chocolate bar or two and that packet of crisps that wasn’t on our snack list. Temptation is everywhere.

By preparing your snacks in advance makes a good part of your fitness plan. It also makes it a lot easier to stay on the wagon when your friends or colleagues are trying to tempt you to eat something that isn’t the healthiest.

Now have the odd treat is not a problem. I just don’t think people realise just how many of these “odd treats” they are having in the week.

Snacks that are high in protein, fibre and have healthy fats are ideal. Snacks like nuts, fruit, and greek yogurt are ideal. 

Choose Intensity Over Duration

When it comes to fitness and you don’t have a lot of time. Then your best bet is to choose intensity over duration.

What do I mean?

By increasing the number of reps and increasing the weight on those free weights will mean you are getting a great workout in a shorter length of time. Something like HIIT training could work really well in a busy person’s schedule.

The idea is to exercise with intensity and really push yourself over short periods. Getting those lungs pumping and those muscles burning is what is needed.

Note: This type of exercise workout won’t be for everyone. Like most advice on this website, please check with your DR or fitness coach before doing this sort of exercise.

Be Generally Active

Instead of using the elevator, why not take the stairs?

If you need groceries from the nearby store, walk instead of taking the car.

You get the point? 

If you insert extra exercise into your normal working day, it’s a way to cheat your way to exercise without making additional time in your schedule to do it!

Now, it might not seem like a lot, but, all of these little exercises add up, will make you healthier and keep your metabolism high.

Of course, this is certainly no substitute for a regular exercise program. It could never do that. But, it certainly helps.

Home Workouts

Of course, I had to add this as a viable option for you. We are a fitness equipment supplier after all and for busy people, buying your own exercise equipment makes total sense.

If you think about it logically. You spend the most time at work and at home. Now, working out at work probably isn’t an option for you. However, working out at home might be the next best option.

With the many exercise bikes, gyms, weights, etc you shouldn’t have any problem exercising at home. Also, with YouTube on your phone, tablet and even digital TV, you now have no excuse to get some great ideas for some excellent workouts from the comfort of your own home.

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