5 Cardiovascular Exercises to Get Your Blood Pumping

5 Cardiovascular Exercises to Get Your Blood Pumping

Are you fed up of having to spend half your workout running to get your cardio in? We aren’t surprised!

For those who aren’t cardio lovers fitting in those fat burning exercises can be a difficult task, which is why we have rounded up our favourite 5 cardiovascular exercises to help you squeeze some needed cardio time into your workout session.

Do you really need to do cardiovascular exercises?

Unfortunately for some, yes cardio is needed during your workout routine to help improve overall fitness. There are loads of benefits to adding some cardio into your workout routine, such as contributing to weight loss, reducing stress and stronger heart and lung function.

Cardio gets the blood pumping around your body, and like any workout produces endorphins which give you a boost emotionally, giving that workout high that we all aim for!

Combining cardio with weight training means that your workout has a rounded approach, you can work all areas of the body and improve both physical and cardiovascular strength – important for those who want their workouts to produce real results that are shown in their physical appearance.

Our 5 favourite cardiovascular exercises

1. Indoor cycling

For those who aren’t into outdoor workouts indoor cycling is the perfect cardio exercise! All you need is an indoor bike to get started, the best of these will have a range of resistance levels and training programmes so choose a higher level if you really want to up your cardiovascular fitness.

Or, if you don’t like to work out solo you could always try out a spinning class, this is a fantastic way of working the lower body and getting your cardio in without having to go it alone!

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

We have talked about HIIT before and we just can’t help but mention it again. Founded to test the fittest HIIT is perfect for those who struggle to get excited about cardio, combine short rest periods with high levels of cardio activity to create your perfect HIIT workout.

Exercises can include burpees, jumps and battle ropes. Combine whatever exercises you feel work well together, and don’t forget to have short rest periods in between your circuits to ensure that it’s a true HIIT routine.

3. Rowing

Often underestimated, the humble rowing machine can help you to get your cardiovascular exercises in and not only does rowing help to build cardio strength it is also great for working the upper body and toning the arms.

Top quality rowing machines will have different training programmes, with the tougher choices offering high resistance so you need your full strength to pull back. Start out low and build up your strength with rowing, one of the main benefits of this workout is that is can be short and sweet!

4. Skipping

Another cardio workout that is often forgotten, skipping is perfect for those who bored of the usual cardio workouts they do. Adding a section of skipping into your workout can help to your heart rate up and increase your cardio strength.

Combine skipping with some cycling or another cardio exercise if you get bored easily, who knew that something you loved as a child could be so good for improving your fitness.

5. Trampolining

Another fun one, trampolining is brilliant for those looking for something different to put into their routine. This workout can be done solo or as part of a group for added fun, it’s great for improving your fitness and helping to get that cardio aspect of your workout.

Use a professional gym with a trampoline or visit one of the many trampoline fitness centres that are popping up around the UK at the moment. Best of all, if you have children you can get them in on the fun too!

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