FlexBar Commercial Multi Grip Super Hex Trap Bar Dead Lift & Shrug Bar

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The We R Sports® Super Hex Trap Bar with a variety of benefits. All too often dead lifts are an exercise avoided, it can load your back if you don't perform it correctly. Loading and unloading large waits can be time-consuming also. 

The We R Sports® Super Hex Trap bar solves this problem. Weight plates are placed on and off with ease as the plates never actually touch the ground. Because of this, it means your weights and the sleeves of the bar don't receive any impact what so ever on the ground. 

  • Solid Commercial Grade Construction 
  • 1,000lb weight rating! 453kg 
  • High-Tech modern design 
  • Includes Standard and Olympic Sleeves 
  • Rotating handle with 3 different grips 
  • Build grip strength with Fat to Slim grips 
  • Comfortable and safe for maximum deadlift 
  • Assembly Size: 168x80x29cm 
  • Carton Size: 97x85x19cm 
  • Weight: 24kg 
  • Main Pipe: 50x3mm

Customer Reviews

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Mark P
Great piece of kit!

The hex bar was the bit of equipment I really miss from going to the gym, so decided to invest in one for use at home. It’s briliant! Well made and quite easy to assemble, and seeing the benefits after a couple of weeks of use. Great for deadlifts, squat variation, and rows. My only regret is not getting it earlier.

Michael Mcdiarmid
FlexBar Multi Grip Super Hex Trap/Shrug Bar is Awsome.

This product arrived on time specified by seller.Had great pleasure on building it up.Have had 2 workouts so far Row,Deadlifts and Stiff legged deadlifts are amazing.working up grip strength for thicker handles use.

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