Weight Bench

Weight Bench

Bench press exercise device made up of a vertical frame having horizontal safety bars and a vertically adjustable bench mounted adjacent to the frame. The bench is placed at a normal exercising height but may be adjusted to place the barbell on the safety bars and thereby avoid injury to the person.  There are many other types out there however, this is the most popular bench type we offer.

At We R Sports we provide quality weight bench sets that won't break the bank. Set up your own workout and sit up bench to help bring out the serious trainer in you. Call us now to know more!

WeRSports preacher bench details
Biceps preacher bench from WeRSports

Biceps Preacher Bench

We R Sports


We R Sports Preacher Arm Curl Bench Arms Biceps Gym Dumbbell Barbell Heavy Duty Description When it comes to isolating the biceps fo...

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