RackXPower Adjustable Weight Lifting Squat Rack

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Whether you are replacing your current squat rack or looking to expand your current home gym, it’s important to find a design that holds enough weight to support many years of future strength gains.

The RackXPower Adjustable Weight Lifting Squat Rack comes with a recommended bar weight of 500 lb, resting on either the safety bars or main racking points.

A unique feature to this particular rack is the design of the spotter stands, which can be adjusted through 5 different positions for up to an 8-inch adjustment in height.

The main rack provides 5 solid steel bar support positions, set between 32 and 61 inches off the ground.

These are ideal for a range of user heights and exercise options, including squats, bench press, and overhead press.

The angle of the frame and racking pins also makes it safer to return the bar to a resting position.

With its 650 lb rating on the pins and supports, the RackXPower squat rack can support a large number of weight plates on each end of the bar.

To prevent having to buy a separate weight plate tree, 4 weight plate storage pegs have been added to the sides of the frame.

These allow you to organise the weight plates in terms of their sizes if required, at the same time as keeping everything within easy reach during your workout. 


  • Tools included for assembly
  • Barbell and Olympic plates sold separately
  • Can be used as a solo squat rack or in conjunction with a utility bench (not included) for incline, flat bench exercises as well as military press
  • Adjustable spotter stands are perfect for both squats and bench press
  • Solid steel bar pegs offer a variety of bar locations
  • 650lb(295KG) limit on the supports 
  • 350KG Rating
  • Adjustable Spotters
  • 5 Upright Peggs

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Ryan Dudley

RackXPower Adjustable Weight Lifting Squat Rack

Philip Whitehead
Squat rack

Very good quality and good instructions. Great that it also enables the storage of weights on the rack.

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