MaxiLift Monster Power Cage - Smith Machine

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The MaxiLift Monster Power Cage is an all in one mid-range home gym that gives you all of the versatility you’ll need to work multiple different muscle groups.

Choose which group you want to train and have the option to try several different exercises.

The great thing about the Monster is the fact that you can train different muscles on different days without the need to purchase several different pieces of kit.

You can pretty much interchange between bench and cables for a full-on circuit or choose the smith press. The choice is yours?

These sorts of heavy duty machines are an excellent alternative to several bars and weights dotted around the room.

Since the bars and pulleys only go in certain directions(mainly up and down), it makes these machines safe to use on your own with the resistance level you want.

Heavy Duty Power Rack Equipped with adjustable spotting arms so you can lift with safety and confidence. This complete workout rack boasts pop pin barbell safety arms and J-hooks with fully functional adjustments and rubber straps to prevent metal to metal contact.

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar - Delivers 5 different hand grip positions so you can hit a vast range of muscle groups to fast-track your fitness and strength goals. Ideal for long and short arm spans.

Superior Quality Accessories - Encompass D handles, Lat curved pull down revolving bar, straight and curled short revolving bars, Straight long bar and tricep rope are easily stored on the custom fitted steel hooks on the side of the machine.

Load capacities for the rack are 300KG

Smith bar weight capacity: 200KG

Product Weight : 460KG

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MaxiLift Monster Power Cage
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