VibeFlex Tri Grip Weight Plates 1"


Rubber Disc Weight Plates EZ Bar Barbell Weights Plate Home Fitness 1" 25mm Hole

VibeFlex Tri Grip Weight Plates 1"


Standard We R Sports Rubber Weight Plates – High-Quality Plates to Address the Needs of Every Lifter.

The We R Sports Iron Edge weight plates are made from cast-iron and coated in brightly-coloured rubber in the traditional colours. The rubber provides an added degree of protection for both the plates and anything they come into contact with, be that a body, a floor, wall or another plate.

All plates are moulded with holes. This gives them an attractive appearance and makes them easier to handle and carry, whether you want to fit them to a bar or use them for lunges, presses or a variety of other exercises. All plates have a hard-wearing steel insert to make them as durable as anything else we sell and are compatible with Standard barbells with 25mm sleeves.

Available in 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25kg

  • 1.25kg - Pink
  • 2.5kg - Yellow
  • 5kg - Red
  • 10kg - Green
  • 15kg - Blue
  • 20kg - Black 

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Vibeflex plates

Good quality plates, very happy

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