Squat Barbell Rack SILVER-BLACK

We R Sports Adjustable Width for different Barbells and Dip Exercises
  • 2 Height Adjustable Spotters for Additional Safety
  • High-Quality dark grey and red two-tone colour metallic powder coating
  • Easy Pop-Pin Adjustments
  • Main Frame Tube: 50x70mm - 2mm Thickness
  • Assembled Dimensions: 118mm (L) x 67mm (W) x 171mm (H)
  • Maximum Capacity:
  • Rack and Spotters: 270kg
  • Box 1: 104 x 83 x 10cm
  • Weight 23kg

Customer Reviews

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Good squat rack.

I am a beginner to powerlifting and needed an adjustable squat rack that could be used in a small area and not take up much space when not in use. After a lot of research, this rack was the most ideal for my needs and I decided to purchase. I have used this rack 3 times a week for the past month now, adjusting both the height for squatting and benching pressing, and changing width between max and minimum for use and storage. So far I have reached 67.5kg/149lb on barbell squat and it is taking the weight nicely—feels solid—with minor movement when placing heavy barbell on rack after squatting. I am a little worried about the pop pins that hold the spotters, not that they are showing any weakness or signs of wear, but from the continuous use of screwing, I just hope the screw threads last and don't wear out! Personally, I think the safety hooks are useless; they don't feel like they would stop the barbell from flipping up when loading heavy weights. However, I do use them when loading ‘just in case’. Maybe I'll update this review after a years use, but so far I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend if it suits your needs. Something to be aware of if you are using a 7ft Olympic barbell on this rack; the spotters at max width do not reach to the inner side of loading sleeve, as seen in product pictures. I am using a 66.88" 10kg Olympic barbell (as 7ft barbell doesn't fit in my small area) and the gap is approx. 5–6cm from my loading sleeve, so it's not so bad. 26/03/18

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