Single Core Torso Trainer SILVER

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Achieve core strength and stability with the core torso trainer. 

The torso machine is a great piece of equipment for all types of rotational torso training, core stability training, upper body mobility, shoulder stability, and functional strength training. 

This core trainer has the added advantage of being portable and can be used in the gym, at home, or outside. 

Rotational swivel joint 
The single core trainer rotates on a swivel joint, which allows for lateral and vertical movement. Perform the most effective rotational strength and upper body mobility movements, presses for core strength training, as well as stability training. Comes complete with swivel joint for attaching either a standard or Olympic barbell for lateral and vertical movement. Use with just the barbell or add weights plates for greater resistance. 

VShape handle 

This handle allows for various gripping positions and will turn your torso core trainer into a T Bar row machine to further target your back muscles. 

Various functional exercises 

The list of functional exercises is endless, which include squats, multi-directional lunging, core rotations, Russian twists, one arm deadlift, one arm rows, shrugs, wood chopping, overhead pressing, shoulder to shoulder pressing, rowing and so much more. 



Listed price includes the V shape handle.
Weights and Barbell not included. 


  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Unique rotary motion
  • For use with Olympic bars 50 mm and 30 mm rods
  • Is weighted with disks, making it absolutely stable
  • Unique, stylish design with invisible rubber feet
  • Color: silver 


  • Frame Triangular frame with 2 x storage posts for Olympic weights 
  • Swivel Handle 1 Bar Slots
  • 52mm for an Olympic bar
  • 28mm forStandard bar
  • V Handle: Fits only on Olympic bar 
  • Weight 13kg 
  • Dimensions Length: 63cm x Width: 63cm x Height:29cm 

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