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We R Sports Commercial Power Rack Gym CrossTraining Power Rig Cage Pull Ups Ab Bench Chin Up Triceps


The XTRPowerCage CrossTraining Cage by We R Sports 

Combine all your big compound training moves in just one equipment! No need to go from one equipment to another slowing down your momentum. Do your chins, dips, squats, bench presses, dead lifts, and more in the new CrossTraining Revolution XTRPowerCage™. Maximise your space and cater to your clients workout needs simultaneously! No more individual equipment to clutter your gym! Start with a single chamber and expand to more than that. Each chambers can be attached as your space or you would allow. Space efficient and simultaneous use is the way to improve your gym and keep your clients happy! The product has been designed to cater for all people, from the home user right through which do not have an issue with roof height. The uprights are about 3.15m high. 

 Assembly Size: (L)5.40m X (W)6.90m X (H)3.15m

  • Provides a dedicated space for a countless functional training exercise.

  • Pull Up Bars are tiered, allowing for different bar hights.

  • Monkey bars are great for developing shoulder and arm strength.

  • Attach any bodyweight training device, such as climbing ropes, rings etc for unique training options.

  • includes specially designed holders for resistance bands, training ropes, Olympic Bars and weight plates.

  • Large enough for up to 12 users to exercise at one time. 

The Rage Cage trampoline style medicine ball rebounder keeps your workout moving by sending the ball back your way after each shot at the target. 

Our non-skid step up platform is perfect for plyometric workouts and mounts easily on our double laser notched uprights. Adjustment is simple with spring loaded pin. 

This Power Rack Rig Includes all the below.

  1. J Hooks
  2. Safety Holder
  3. Pull Up Ramp
  4. Big Wall Ball Target
  5. Dip Handle Set
  6. Bumper Plate Storage
  7. Power Band Pegs
  8. Plyometric Platform
  9. Dipping Horns ( Pair )
  10. Sling Bridge
  11. Sliding Pull Up System
  12. Chin Up Bar
  13. Chin Up Bar
  14. D Shape Handle 
  15. Rotational Core Trainer
  16. Dumbbell Storage
  17. Kettlebell Storage 
  18. Slam Ball & Medicine Ball Storage 
  19. Double Gym Ball Storage
  20. Punching Bag Bracket
  21. Abdominal Board
  22. Sissy Squat System
  23. Glute Ham Developer
  24. Medicine Ball Rebounder
  25. Rope Grip Ball
  26. Hanging Grip Ball
  27. Hanging Dog Done Grip

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