Multi Handle Grip Triceps Bar 1" BLACK

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The Multi-Grip by We R Sports® is a weight training bar with multiple handles in both parallel and angled positions for bench press, bicep curls, and tricep presses. 
The Multi-Grip offers two sets of 90 degree parallel grip handles (narrow and wide) as well as a set of 45 degree angled handles. Parallel grip pressing (also known as neutral grip pressing) changes the angle of the shoulder joint, thus reducing shoulder strain for a more natural bench press movement. 

The biomechanics of a parallel grip press are conducive to building strength and power in a "push off" movement, especially important to offensive lineman during football training routines. By alternating your handholds during weight training, you can recruit more muscle to develop more size and strength.

At an unloaded weight of 26 pounds and six feet in length, the Multi-Grip training bar is better balanced and more manageable in weight for young athletes, female users, and beginning body builders. And, with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and ability to fit inside most power cages, experienced weight lifters can feel confident that this specialty lifting bar is durable enough to handle the heavy loads necessary to add slabs of muscle.

The Multi-Grip Triceps Bar is great for bench presses, overhead shoulder presses, bicep curls, skull crushers, tricep presses, and bent over rows. For added versatility and compatibility with many home gym weight set packages. 


  • Inside collar to collar dimension: 51.6" for use and racking within Olympic-width bench press or power rack 
  • Overall length: 73" (6' 1") 
  • Standard sleeve length: 10.4" 
  • Sleeve diameter: 25mm 
  • Bar and grip diameter: 28mm 
  • Light knurling and sand texture coating 

Customer Reviews

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Frank Jepson
Save Your Shoulders

Natural grip enabled by the Multi Handle Grip Bar allows you to isolate much better on the muscle you are working, so a great additon to proper form training.

Adrian Hill
Great Swiss Bar

Fantastic bar and great value for money

George Valentine
Great bar

Nice knurling powder coat feel. Slick in the rack and great for the shoulders. Would recommend buying some “1” collars over the pinch type that they come with, but, credit where credit is due. A great, versatile and affordable Bar.

Ian Pemberton
Multi handle grip triceps bar

Arrived quickly and well packaged. I am really please with this, it is well made, solid and does the job very well and is good value

Aatif Hussain
Wrist pain from Overhead Press gone!

Got this bar, as I was getting wrist pain from regular overhead pressing. The slanted neutral grip is really helpful in keeping the wrist inlime with the forearm and lets me progressively overload without getting injured always. Worth it.

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