IronFlex Rubber Encased Single Dumbbells


IRON FLEX Rubber Dumbbells 

If you are a newcomer or veteran of incorporating dumbbells into lifts then your routine will be perfectly complemented by the Iron Flex 2.5kg - 50kg.

Commercial Rubber Dumbbells.

  • A confident grip is enabled by the products excellent craftsmanship, letting you give your arms and shoulders intense workouts while ensuring your hand's comfort.
  • Curls or bench press lifts done with these dumbbells will give you an upper body workout that produces better results than the competition. 
  • Its rubber finish will ensure an attractive outward appearance and that the dumbbells go easier on your floor than conventional ones made of iron.
  • The 2.5-50kg weight range of the Iron Flex makes it the smart choice of dumbbell lifting novices in addition to those with moderate experience, providing a chance to work up to maximum lifting capacity. 
  • The awesome functionality of the Iron Flex 2.5kg. - 50kg.
  • Commercial Rubber Round Dumbbells will leave no doubt that Iron Flex hits the mark of excellence.

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