Company Status Updates

Due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic, we will be keeping this page updated with information relating to our operationial status. 

This will be kept simple for ease of consumption, if you require more information, please referer to our blog pages or email customer service.

Distribution Centre
eMail Support & Sales
 Phone Lines
Temporary Disabled

Orders are still being sent as usual, however, customer support is limited due to capacity. Please be patient with our team, they are trying their hardest to get to all queries as quickly as possible. 

If you have already emailed and have not received a response, our team will get back to you as soon as they get to your email. Please do not email us again with the same query as doing so will move your email to the bottom of the list!

Order cancellations and refunds will go through as per policy, however given the situation some patience is required on your behalf.  Please keep in mind that products which have been opened and used will not be eligible for a cancellation or refund.

Last update: 24th of March 2020 - 15:42