Why You Should Run On A Home Treadmill Rather Than Outdoors

Why should you run on a treadmill rather than outdoors? 

There are many reasons but the most important one is convenience. Running on a treadmill at home means there are no obstacles or interruptions to slow you down, and it's much easier to track your progress. 

You'll be able to adjust the incline of the treadmill depending on how fast you want to go. 

The treadmill will also help monitor your heart rate and keep it within a healthy range so that you can avoid injury while pushing yourself past your limits!

Running on a treadmill is more convenient

One of the most important reasons you should run on a treadmill rather than outdoors is convenience. You can't take your treadmill outside so there are no obstacles or interruptions slowing you down while running.

It's also much more convenient because it means that you can track your progress and adjust the incline depending on how fast you want to go. The treadmill will also help monitor your heart rate and keep it within a healthy range to avoid injury.

Running outdoors can be a lot more challenging because you have to contend with wind, rain, snow and ice that could slow your progress. That's not to mention the other people that you might encounter.

Running on a treadmill is easier on your joints

Running outside in the fresh air is great, however, running on a treadmill is easier on your joints and is a safer option when it comes to your joints and muscles. It puts less undue stress on them, as running outside on uneven surfaces can take its toll over time.

You'll also have even more cushioning to protect yourself from the impact of repeated steps, which will help you avoid injuries like stress fractures and muscle tears.Indoor running vs outdoor running

It's worth noting that not all treadmills are created equal: some will be gentler on your joints than others. Choose a treadmill with shock absorption, and you'll have even more cushioning to protect yourself from the impact of repeated steps.

This is why it's important to invest in a treadmill that suits your needs best; don't choose one based on what looks good or seems like a bargain, but rather by seeing how much cushioning they offer underfoot so you can find the treadmill that's best suited to your weight and gait.

Running on a treadmill gives you more control of your running environment

Running on a treadmill gives you more control of your environment: from time spent on it to temperature (hotter than the sun or absolutely freezing), ground conditions (gravel/tarmac/grass/dirt road), and air quality (no traffic fumes).

It is also much safer in terms of being able to run in the comfort of your own home; no dark alleys or deserted parks to worry about.

You can wear what you want, when you want and not have to worry about the appropriate running gear, i.e. reflective vests or warm layers.

Lastly, for the directionally-challenged of us: You will never get lost!

Running on a treadmill is (usually) cheaper than a gym membership

Both gym memberships and treadmills have the potential to be extortionate, especially for those of us who are just starting out and are still trying to figure out which types of exercise makes our little hearts sing!

Choosing to purchase a treadmill for your home is likely the most cost-effective option of the two; you can spend as much or as little as you want and depending on what level you're at.

Once it's in, it means you can get a workout in WHENEVER you want... it is certainly much easier to find the time to squeeze a workout in when it's right there!

Also, you don't have to stick to anyone else's schedule - the equipment is there, ready for you when you are.

Running on a treadmill lets you catch up on your favourite programmes whilst still getting your fitness fix

Although this could come across as a bit counter-productive, (this seems like couch-potato territory), however, hear us out; not everyone gets excited by exercise and may require the proverbial carrot to get them into the idea.

Netflix & 'mill could be just the ticket - what's not to like about temporarily tuning out the day on a walk or run whilst still getting to keep up with the hottest hits!

Running on a treadmill gives you access to your own personal coach

A typical run outdoors leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. As if the miles and calories burned weren't enough, you have to stop every few minutes to make sure your pedometer is still on track or manually input time into your watch's built-in timer app.

With a treadmill that keeps track of data such as run-time, distance travelled, incline level-change over the course of the workout, etc. whilst giving feedback on your achievements in real time, there is no need to stop for anything other than the treadmill's safety features and potentially gives you a more consistent workout.

Running on a treadmill makes refuelling and rehydration easier

Owning your own treadmill at home has another added bonus that few people think about: ensuring you keep hydrated and fully fuelled when going for a walk/run.

You can carry snacks on the treadmill, because you're not going too far away from your water bottle and power bars are easily accessible through built-in storage areas in most models.

Wrapping Up

Running on a treadmill is one of the best way to get your fitness fix. It’s cheaper, more convenient and gives you control of your own running environment.

Whether it’s for catching up with TV programmes whilst still getting in some exercise or refuelling after an intense workout, there are benefits that make this form of cardio stand out from the rest.

If you want access to all these features without even leaving home then opt for a treadmill.

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