16 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming - it must be spring and we all know what that means... As the days get warmer and the weather gets nicer, now's a good time to start thinking about how to freshen up your fitness routine.

1. Make The Most Of The Weather And Take Your Workouts Outside

Depending on where on the planet you live, the weather is probably getting nicer and warmer after months of cold, wet and miserable days, so take advantage of it! a woman running through a meadow with trees that have pink leaves

Get outside for your runs, bike rides, or weightlifting sessions. The fresh air and natural scenery can be a great change of pace and help you stay motivated.

2. Revamp Your Workout Routine

If your current workout routine isn't giving you the results you want, it might be time for a change.

Try adding in some new exercises or changing up the order of your routine.

You could also try splitting up your workouts into multiple sessions throughout the day instead of doing them all at once.

3. Set Some Goals (Or Revisit Ones You Already Have)

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to set some fitness goals.

Whether they're short-term goals like losing a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time or long-term goals like running a marathon, having something to work towards can be really motivating.

If you already have set some goals and things have stalled somewhat, it might be time to revisit them and figure out what's been holding you back.

Maybe you need to set some more specific or attainable goals, or maybe you just need to change your strategy for reaching them.

4. Try A New Activity

If you're getting a little bored with your current workout routine, try picking up a new activity that you can do in your spare time.

This could be anything from rock climbing to ballroom dancing.

Not only will this keep things interesting, but it'll also give you a whole new set of muscles to work on.

5. Diversify Your Diet

Just as it's important to vary up your workouts, it's also important to vary up your diet.

Eat plenty of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

If you're eating the same things all the time, you might not be getting all the nutrients your body needs, which can lead to fatigue and a lack of motivation.

6. Get Yourself A Workout Partner

Working out with a friend or family member can make things a lot more enjoyable - not to mention, it can also help hold you accountable.

If you know somebody else is counting on you to show up for your workout, you're much less likely to skip it and we all know that the best workouts are the ones your actually do!

If finding a workout buddy  is proving difficult, try joining an online forum or group related to your chosen activity.

7. Refresh Your Playlist

Listening to music can be a great way to get pumped up for a workout, and it can also help keep you going during a tough session.

Create a playlist of songs that make you feel good and that are associated with your chosen activity.

It is astounding how much difference music can make. If you're not currently listening to music while you work out, start today!

Alternatively, if podcasts or audio books are more your speed, make sure you have a few new ones downloaded and ready to go for your next workout.

8. Invest In New Workout Gear

If your current workout clothes are starting to feel a bit tatty and look a little worse for wear, it might be time to upgrade to some new gear.

We all like to think that our workout clothes don't matter, but the truth is that looking good can make a big difference to how we feel.

If you feel good in your workout clothes, you're more likely to want to actually put them on and get moving.

9. Join A Gym (Or Quit Your Gym Membership)

If you're not currently a member of a gym, signing up for one can be a great way to get motivated.

There's nothing like having access to all sorts of different equipment and classes to get you excited about working out.

On the other hand, if you have a gym membership that you never use, it might be time to cancel it and save yourself some money.

It's not worth paying for something  you have no intention of using and maybe what the Universe is, in reality, telling you is that your Spring Clean

There's nothing like a new pair of shoes or a new set of leggings to make you feel good and motivated - not to mention, they'll also help improve your performance.

9. Find A New Workout Location

If working out at home or at the same old gym is starting to get a bit boring, try shaking things up by finding a new place to work out.

This could be anything from an outdoor running track to a swimming

10. Skip The Cardio

As the saying goes: "A change is a good as a rest" and that's definitely true when it comes to working out.

If you've been doing the same old cardio routine for months (or even years), now is the time to try something new.

Pick up a weightlifting program, give HIIT a go, or try out a new cardiovascular activity like rowing or swimming.

11. Take A Break

Hear us out: If you're finding it hard to stick to your workout routine, it might be time to take a break. This doesn't mean giving up on exercise altogether, but rather taking some time off to recharge your batteries.

A week or two away from the gym can actually do wonders for your motivation levels and help you come back feeling refreshed and ready to work hard.

12. Add Strength Training To The Mix

Cardio isn't the only type of exercise that's important for heart health. Strength training is also crucial, and it has the added benefit of helping to improve bone density and muscle mass.

If you're not currently doing any strength-training, now is the time to add it to your routine.

Just be sure to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity as you get stronger.

13. Embrace Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is all about exercises that help you to perform everyday activities more easily.

This could be anything from lifting groceries to playing with your kids or grandkids.

Adding some functional fitness moves to your routine can help to make everyday activities a lot easier and can also help reduce the risk of injuries. 

14. Incorporate More HIIT

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a type of exercise that alternates between short bursts of intense activity and periods of recovery.

HIIT is a great way to maximize your workout time and get your heart rate up. If you're not currently incorporating HIIT into your routine, now is the time to start.

15. Up The Intensity Of Your Workouts

If you're finding that your workouts are starting to feel a bit too easy, it might be time to up the intensity.

There are a few different ways you can do this, such as increasing the amount of weight you're lifting, adding more reps, or increasing the speed at which you're working out.

Pushing yourself a bit harder will help you to see better results and can also help to prevent boredom.

16. Carve out some time for yourself in your workout schedule

No matter how busy your life is, it's important to make time for yourself. And what better way to do that than by working out?

If you find that you're constantly putting your workout routine on the back burner, try setting aside some time each week that is just for you and your fitness goals. This will help you to

Wrapping Up:

Spring is a time of rebirth, and what could be more fitting than to use this as an opportunity to recommit to your health and fitness goals?

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire routine or just make a few small tweaks, these 16 tips will help you get started.

So, take some time for yourself this season and give your body the fresh start it deserves.

How are you going to refresh your fitness routine this spring?

Let us know in the comments!

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