The Top Fitness Trends of 2021

Since the start of 2020, the world has been forever changed by the global pandemic; one of the hardest-hit industries has, without a doubt, been the fitness industry. 

In what felt like the blink of an eye, we were dropped into the uncharted territory of Online Everything: Zoom, Microsoft Teams,  etc. 18 months later, and the world of fitness has had to adapt and evolve.



We're seeing new trends emerge in all areas and it seems like we can't keep up with all the changes. But, no fear - we've got you covered!

Here are some of the top fitness trends that have hit the scene this year:

Being outside

Now, we're not talking about anything necessarily complicated or strenuous here -  having had our collective gym membership revoked on/off for over a year, we have had to turn to alternatives to getting our exercise in.

Much of this has come in the form of walking, hiking, jogging, running - all low-cost options (barring the purchase of decent footwear, of course) and is something the majority of people are able to do/have access to and is not only great for the old waistline but also for our mental health

Bigger virtual challenges  

Virtual challenges are the new black. It's never been easier to find a virtual challenge to suit your needs - from running a marathon in honor of someone you love, to donating money for every mile you run/walk and helping out somebody else who could really use it (with the added bonus of improving yourself).

This is just one way technology is changing the way we stay in shape and push ourselves to our limits - we're seeing more and more people take on challenges that are either virtual or digital in nature.

HIIT or Quickfire Workouts

One of the biggest trends in fitness right now is HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. This involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of rest - giving you an intense workout that will leave your heart racing and muscles screaming for more without the need to spend hours on end pounding a treadmill.

Smarter Virtual Classes and Flexible Fitness 

Virtual fitness classes are also on the rise, as more people take advantage of schedules and lifestyles that don't allow them to always make it to a particular class or out for that run/walk.

Whether you're working late, going food shopping at 12 AM, or just happen to live in an area where the gym access/outdoor classes are limited, you'll still be able to fit in your workout routine, regardless.     

Remote Personal Training   

Personal trainers are also going mobile. Remote personal training has quickly become a viable option for people who live in areas where there just aren't enough fitness professionals to go around or those with certain limitations preventing them from being able to attend classes (or even drive).   

Increased Digital Wellbeing and Mindfulness 

We've seen a big uptick in the popularity of digital fitness apps focusing on mindfulness; they are making the most of the increase in time we have spent online since the beginning of 2020 (thank you, Covid) and are offering more activities like yoga, meditation, and journaling apps as part of their overall wellness programs.  

Digital Therapy      

In the past, we haven't all been able to afford a therapist, however, that hasn't meant we couldn't all have benefitted from having one.

The popularity of digital therapy applications has risen sharply in the last year; these are apps designed to help people cope with anxiety and depression without doing anything more than logging on for 20 minutes per day - some even offer coaching from trained therapists via video chat. 

As the pandemic has taken a toll on global mental health, the easier the access to therapeutic help, the better.

Wearables and Fitness Tech

In 2021, wearables and fitness tech continue to be the norm.

The idea that the only place you can get fit is in the gym is now outdated - with the availability of so many different apps designed specifically for those who want to stay in shape and that connect to either phones, watches, or other devices, that gym membership is no longer an absolute essential!

Inclusive Fitness for Everyone

Our society is so much more diverse than it has ever been, and this means that any fitness trend of the future will need to be inclusive.

Emphasising personal well-being whilst also embracing a diversity of cultures, lifestyles, shapes, sizes, abilities, and religions in order for people to stay fit on their own terms - not just those prescribed by traditional exercise regimes or a gym membership.

This has all proved to be huge in 2021 and will continue to be so for years to come.

Exercising Globally

Feeling a little isolated thanks to lockdown 3.0 and missing your favourite classes? 2021 has so far delivered a whole host of AI and virtual reality offerings to get you moving, from HIIT workouts in sunny Australia to cycling in Amsterdam. 

No holiday?

No problem! (See – silver linings).

Micro Meditations

These are smaller bursts of meditation that can be used to tackle difficult, negative, or uncomfortable situations.

The best part is; they can be done at your desk in 30 seconds or less.

They are designed to promote more mindfulness, increased energy, and a way for us to reconnect with our day-to-day life,  ultimately making us more present and less frazzled.

Wrapping Up

In 2021, fitness has become more about being outside and less about working out at home.

Fitness trends all appear to be geared towards making exercise fun and inclusive for everyone by leveraging technology to create a personalized experience accessible either remotely or virtually.

Smarter virtual classes can help you stay motivated while on-the-go; remote personal training options make it possible for busy professionals to get their workouts done when they're short on time but still want results; flexible gym hours mean that no one should ever feel left out of an activity because of their schedule.

It really has never been easier to get into shape!

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