Why Rubber Dumbbells Are The Best Thing For A Home Gym

Why Rubber Dumbbells Are The Best Thing For A Home Gym

You might be thinking about rubber dumbbells as opposed to traditional weight sets?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading...

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using rubber dumbbells over traditional weights for your home gym equipment.

Rubber dumbbells are more affordable than traditional weights

The great thing about rubber dumbbells is that they are more affordable than traditional weight sets.

This means, if you're on a budget and you want good value for money, rubber is the way to go!

They're easier to store and take up less space in your home

You'll also find that rubber dumbbells are easier to store and take up less space in your home. You'll be able to save a lot of room for other equipment if you use rubber weights instead.

Rubber dumbbells don't make much noise when dropped on the ground

Depending on what type of flooring you have in your home, rubber dumbbells may be the best option for you. Rubber weights are completely silent when they're dropped on the ground from a low height.

Rubber Dumbbells are more comfortable

Rubber is more comfortable to hold than metal because it doesn't conduct heat or cold as quickly. 

Also, this probably never crossed your mind, but the rubber doesn't conduct heat or cold as quickly. This means that your hands won't get as hot when you're holding a heavy weight for an extended period of time.

Start light and gradually increase weight

Developing your strength need not be as expensive and difficult as going through the process of buying a whole new set of rubber dumbbells.

You can start light and gradually increase weight without needing to go all out from day one, perfect for those with limited space or money.

Health benefits of dumbbells 

Although they may not be as popular or well known in comparison to other types of wights such as barbells and kettlebells, they still have some cool benefits.

Some people will use dumbbell exercises for various purposes while others might need them due to past injuries that make it difficult for certain movements with heavier weights.

Dumbbells can also provide a more unilateral workout experience. This is great because the body naturally develops better balance when each side of one's muscle group is worked out equally on both sides rather than just focusing on one area at a time like most workouts do these days.

Other benefits include:

- Dumbbell movement can be easier on the joints

- You don't need a spotter for all dumbbell movements

- It's easy to increase or decrease weight by using different weights at each end of one dumbbell.

- It's cheaper than other types of equipment and it doesn't take up as much space

What type of dumbbell is best?

Dumbbells are an essential piece of gear for any home gym. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights.

If you're just starting out or your workout space is limited then adjustable weight dumbbells may be the best option but if you have more room to work with individual ones might suit your needs better.

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Adjustable dumbbells 

Adjustable dumbbells allow a person to change the amount of weight they are lifting. There are two primary types, bar, and plates adjustable (also known as modern or variable), which each have their respective pros and cons that can be used in various exercises depending on your fitness goals.

Fixed dumbbells 

Fixed dumbbells provide a consistent weight. A person can buy them individually, in pairs, or as part of a larger set.

They're ideal for hardcore lifters who want to focus on only one exercise at a time.

Fixed dumbbells are also great for those looking to use them primarily in the home gym, as they don't require any assembly or adjustment.

The downside is that this type of weight cannot be changed which might not work well if you're trying new routines.

Fixed Urethane Dumbbells

Fixed urethane dumbbells are another very popular, more premium commercial equipment option although they may not seem that different from rubber ones at first glance.

These differences make them worth considering when upgrading your workout room inventory. Fixed PU (polyurethanes) doesn't exhibit too much of a noticeable difference to older versions made with cheaper rubbers.

Studio weights

You might find weights with a textured neoprene or rubber coating that helps them be slip-resistant. This is great for when you are lifting in the studio, as it will help you keep your grip on the bar.

Dumbbell Exercises

How to use and examples of dumbbell exercises

There are many exciting ways to use dumbbells, and it is important that one knows how to do them safely. Dumbbell exercises can be used for cardio training or resistance training depending on the type of routine you want to follow.

Squat to overhead raise

One exercise is the squat-to overhead raise that starts with you in a standing position, then bending at their hips and knees until they are parallel to the ground while simultaneously lowering weights towards the floor as if doing squats.

You would then stand up again straightening both legs making sure not to bend one knee over another or let feet come off the ground on either side during the execution of this movement.

Renegade row

The renegade row is an upper-body strengthening move where you get into a plank position with one hand on each side of their feet in line with their hips.

You then lift up onto straight arms while pulling towards your chest as if rowing without taking any support from the ground beneath you-hence being called Renegades.

The benefits of performing this exercise include increasing arm size, stability through core engagement, and improved posture by reducing slouching when seated at work or during leisure time activities such as TV watching or reading.

Lateral lunge

The lateral lunge is a unilateral leg exercise that uses the frontal plane instead of sagittal, emphasising hip and adductor strength.

To execute: with your feet turned out wide enough to accommodate for barbell on the back, take an even wider stance until you feel balanced then step forward so one foot reaches beyond the other as far as possible while bending knee over the front foot.

Look up at the top hand throughout the movement - this will help keep the spine aligned in the same direction since weight is being put only through the opposite arm during each rep.

Rotational shoulder press

The rotational shoulder press is a great way to work your upper body. It allows you to get the benefits of both pushing and pulling while working all angles of muscle in the shoulders.

This exercise can be done with dumbbells or by using just one arm at a time for variation.

When doing this move it's important not to twist too far forward as that puts unnecessary strain on joints like wrists and elbows which are more vulnerable during weight lifting exercises; instead, keep your chest lifted high so each lift feels effortless.

Triceps kickback

The triceps kickback is a great exercise for strengthening your triceps. This move also strengthens the shoulders, back, and abs.

The steps involved are as follows: Stand with your knees bent and lean forward slightly; then hold one weight in each of your hands up to shoulder height (knees should be bent so you're not too strained).

Engage your core muscles by pulling them towards the ceiling while keeping your legs straight at all times. From this point on, only raise or lower elbows - everything else stays still, including upper arms behind ears off-centre from centre line of the body.

Hammer curl

The Hammer Curl is one of the most well-known weightlifting exercises that targets your biceps and forearms.

This exercise should be performed using dumbbells, which strengthens three large muscles on the front side of your upper arms - these are also known as triceps brachii (long head), semitendinosus, and gracilis.

To get all benefits from this exercise don't lean back or swing weights while bending at elbows because in both cases you could injure yourself by overstretching them outwards too far away for their natural range of motion to accommodate it; instead, keep a straight spine with shoulders back so they support torso's vertical alignment throughout movement execution to avoid trauma injury.

Racks & Storage

Your home workout room should never leave you feeling cramped, and that includes your weight lifting area. With a little forethought for organisation, storage space can be maximised to hold all of the equipment necessary for an effective routine.

Investing in some kind of barbell rack system will keep everything off the floor. Not only does it look better but there is less risk involved with weights rolling around on hard surfaces or being accidentally kicked over by children or pets.


Rubber dumbbells are more affordable than traditional weights. If you can't commit to a monthly gym membership or don't want to spend the money on expensive equipment that will only be used sporadically, then purchase a set from We R Sports and save!

Rubber dumbbells are quieter and easier to store. If you're looking for a workout tool that won't disturb your neighbors or roommates, rubber dumbbells may be the perfect fit. They also provide an affordable option if you don't have much space in your home gym.

They are more comfortable than traditional metal or plastic weights and they provide the same benefits as regular dumbbells (e.g., weight loss, muscle building).

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