The Benefits of Spin Exercise

​The Benefits of Spin Exercise

The benefits of spin exercise

In recent years spin exercise has been one of the most popular group workout sessions on the market, with many fitness fantatics choosing it over cycling solo in the gym.

Spinning is a great form of exercise, offering fat burning and focusing on the lower body it’s a great way to improve overall fitness and cardiovascular strength. Celebs are even favouring this workout because of it’s fun atmosphere and ability to boost fitness.

There are tonnes of benefits to spin exercise, too many to name! We have rounded up our top spinning benefits to give you an idea of the positives you’ll gain from joining in your gym’s spin group.

Increased Cardio Strength

If you go to regular spinning classes you’ll start to see a huge improvement to your ability to do cardio, you’ll be able to push harder during the sessions. This will impact on your daily life too, you’ll be able to walk up flights of stairs without feeling out of breath and uncomfortable.

As they say – it doesn’t get easier you just get stronger!

Burn Calories

The average 45-minute spinning class will burn around 500 calories, this is a massive number in comparison to other cardio workouts. It you are looking to increase the burn you can also adjust the resistance on your bike, upping this will make your workout harder but in time you’ll see better results.

Relieve Stress and Boost Positive Feelings

As with any exercises, stress release is a big positive to spin exercise. Also, because it is a group workout the boost of energy you feel and positive vibes after the class are increased, you get to socialise and your instructor will motivate you throughout the class to keep you on the up and working out to your maximum.

Low risk of injury

As spin exercise is a low impact exercise, there’s no pressure on the knees unlike other cardio, there is low risk of injury during the workout. Providing that you stretch properly before and after the class you’ll be less likely to sustain any injuries or ailments due to spinning – it’s also a recommended workout for those who suffer from arthritis.

Muscle Tone

As a lower body workout, there will be significant toning to the stomach, things and buttocks. Your instructor will help you to keep in the right position to ensure that you work these muscles, you can even adjust the bike to help with muscle tone.

Adapt your workout to you

Spinning classes are great because they allow you to workout at the level you feel comfortable, you have control over your own bike so if the tempo is too high you can always turn it down a notch while you catch your breath. This is great for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey and aren’t quite at the level of the other spinners at your class.

Whatever the weather

As spin exercise is traditionally done indoors it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you can still workout with your spin group. So, if you don’t like having to rely on the weather to get your workout in there’s no need to worry – you can still spin whatever the weather!

Track your progress

Spinning is great for those who are keen on the numbers. If you like to be able to track your progression and how quickly you are reaching your fitness goals spin exercise is great. You can monitor what resistance level you are working at and how you are keeping with the pace of the class.

As time goes on you will be able to see the results coming in and you can create new goals and fitness ambitions to add to the list!

Are you obsessed with spin exercise?

If you are obsessed with spin exercise, you aren’t alone! You have joined a fitness movement that is here to stay. If spinning is helping you to achieve your fitness goals and you want to keep improving it might be time to invest in a bike of your own.

At We R Sports we provide some of the highest quality spin bikes on the market, with our customers using our equipment to help them work on their spinning game.

For more information on the spin bikes that we have available browse our website or call our team on 015 3626 8088 and we’d love to help advise on the best machine for you.

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