The benefits of kettlebells workout routines

​The benefits of kettlebells workout routines

It’s a known fact that adding weights into your workout can help to improve overall fitness and increase muscle mass.

This is exactly why fitness gurus are creating workouts and exercise classes round weightlifting, including the increasingly popular kettlebells workout.

A recent surge in the number of people looking for exercises that provide a full body workout is on the increase, they are in search of a workout that they can use time and time again and still see improvements being made in their fitness.

One of the beauties of kettlebells workout is that the exercises don’t have to be long – this is a fitness routine that allows you to gain maximum results from short burst of exercise and toning.

Why try the kettlebells workout?

Are you thinking of trying out some kettlebells workouts? There are tonnes of reasons why you should add this exciting new trend into your routine, including:

1. Improve cardio fitness without having to spend hours on the treadmill

If you are bored of spending your time running on the treadmill kettlebell routines could be your exciting solution. The cardio levels of this workout are insane, you fitness will be tested but as with any exercise the more you work at it, the better you will be.

2. One piece of kit

You only need one kettlebell to make your workout successful, how many other killer exercises can you say that about? Combine cardio with strength training and just one weight involved, this is a fitness freaks dream workout.

3. Suitable for anyone of any shape, size and fitness level

Kettlebells don’t discriminate, they can be worked into anyone’s routine so whether you are an avid gym goer or a workout novice this workout is for you. Build up your fitness in no time and add in more complex routines as you get used to the workout.

4. Increased fat loss

Everyone wants a workout that combats fat. The cardio aspect of the kettlebell routines (swinging the weight around) paired with the strength and toning, burns calories from fat stores improves your metabolism.

5. Improve strength without repetitive weight lifting

Doing reps in the gym can become boring easily, however adding in some kettlebell routines into your gym time means you don’t have to get into the cycle of repetitive weight lifting. Up the weight of the kettlebell as your fitness improves to maximise your workout potential continuously.

6. Develop core strength

Everyone wants rock hard abs, right? Build on your core strength with the swinging that this routine requires, every move engages your core muscles so it’s not just a workout for the arms – your abs should see serious gains too.

7. Improve mental focus

Each move has to be planned and each routine carefully perfected so you must really think about what you’re doing. This helps to improve overall mental focus and really work to achieve your fitness goals and push yourself during your workout.

8. Strengthens posture

Yes, you heard right! Kettlebells workouts have a huge effect on your overall posture, working all the muscle groups in the body the workout results in you standing taller and having improved posture on a daily basis.

9. Improve aches and pains

Working out in general is good for your body, but kettlebell workouts have been found to help improve everyday aches and pains – especially lower back pain and general joint health. A win win in our eyes!

10. It just works!

It’s not just another fitness fad, kettlebell workouts really work and offer even more benefits than we’ve named above. If you take up the exercise you’ll soon become addicted to this form of cardio and strength training all rolled into one!

Are you sold on kettlebells workouts?

If you are keen to try out kettlebell workouts you are joining a fitness movement that is set to change the way we work out.

But first, you’ll need the right kettlebell to get yourself started so why not browse our selection, ranging in weight we have some of the highest quality weights on the market.

If you aren’t sure what kettlebell is right for your workout our team of experts will be more than happy to speak to you. Call our We R Sports team on 015 3626 8088.
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