How to Make Time to Go to the Gym Even If You Have a Full-Time Job

How to Make Time to Go to the Gym Even If You Have a Full-Time Job


Some weeks ago, I was completing a full workout when I overheard two men talking about how tough it was to slip some gym time into their busy work schedule. That the only reason they were at the gym that day was they were on leave. A few minutes later, one of them gushed about how he is all set to have a Stranger Things marathon the following day.

Then it struck me.

The world is truly full of contradictions. If these people can spend the entire day watching their favorite show, they have no right to complain about not having enough time to exercise. I mean, they were literally discussing opposing ideas minutes apart! The thing that bothered me most was the fact that they agreed with each other.

Before this sounds like a total rant, let me just say that I am the type of person who is genuinely concerned about the health and wellness of people around me – and the two guys were literally around me. I am not one to break into people's conversations but I just couldn't help it this time. So yeah, perhaps it's the fitness advocate in me kicking in.

In a friendly tone I asked, "You guys saw the last episode?" One of them replied in the affirmative. Trying to hide my intentions, I told them that I saw it too... while doing five sets of crunches and spending 20 minutes in the treadmill. At this point, I was thinking these oversized fellows with seemingly overinflated egos won't get my point. I underestimated them, apparently.

This goes out to all the people I love and those with a similar mindset as our two charming boys: please, try to make it a point to exercise and eat healthy. If you think work is getting in the way of leading a healthy lifestyle, you're probably not balancing your priorities right.

Time Management Is Key

All you need to do is give your time management chops a little work. It's all right; not all people can juggle everything outright. But you need to start somewhere. You have to try and do it.

If you're a parent, get inspired by the joy of being able to see your children grow up until the time they get married and have kids of their own; if you are a young professional, think about having the power to manage stress. All these are possible if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Every once in awhile, we hear about professionals who can successfully juggle career, family life, social life, hobbies and even more social life. Hey if they can do it, I don't see any reason you can't. Really, it's all about wise management of time and a little something called dedication.

Allow me to throw these questions to you:

How many hours do you spend in front of the tube every day?

Perhaps you could cut a little of that time and spend it in the gym. You may also learn from the two boys in my story and exercise while you're watching TV at home. That stationary bike isn't there for nothing.

How long is your travel time to and from work?

You might want to consider relocating or perhaps share a flat with a friend or relative if your budget does not permit. This way, you can use the time you saved to spend an hour at the gym.

Do you spend unreasonable amounts of money on something?

If budget is your problem, you might want to look into how you manage your finances. You may cut a little on shopping money or perhaps fast food money. This way, you have something left for gym fees. Plus, you stay healthy.

Do you know why I asked all these questions?

Because everything starts within you. You are on your own. The internet can give you endless tips but out in the real world, it's all you, guys and gals. I could go on with more questions. In fact, I have one more to ask before we get to an end:

What are your motivations to get fit and stay healthy?

Answer that and find the drive no matter how deep into your existence you go. Trust me, you will reap the rewards soon. It may take long but eventually, you will. I guarantee you that.

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