6 Great Ways to Bring Exercise into the Family

6 Great Ways to Bring Exercise into the Family

iPads, consoles, TV shows on demand… they’re all on the rise and all have one thing in common – they don’t help you stay fit or healthy! So whilst they certainly have their place (and you’re never really going to prise them away from the kids anyway!), there are some easy ways to introduce a little exercise and fitness into your family’s routine. Here are some of our favourites -

  1. Go for walks. Whether it’s with the dog, after dinner – or just on the weekend, walks are free, easy and often fun to add into your family’s daily routine. And who knows, if your family reallyenjoy it, you may even find yourself rambling, hill climbing or even running in the not too distant future!
  2. Buy a trampoline. Ok, so the fact we sell some of the best trampolines in the industry aside – adding a little bounce to your kids’ activity is a great way to sneak exercise into any family’s routine.
  3. Ditch the car. If you drive or use the bus, consider parking slightly further away from your destination or getting off the bus a stop or two early – it’s a great way to get some extra exercise and likely save a few pounds too!
  4. Reward good behaviour. Reward charts are a great way to track and encourage exercise in a family – and to even add a little competitiveness into the mix! Whether you set daily goals or monthly challenges – you’ll find people do what gets rewarded, and get a little healthier on the way.

  5. Get into the garden. Outdoor tasks like gardening, clearing the yard or tidying the garage are both rewarding and a great form of exercise. And best of all, outside of some gloves, wellies and gardening tools – you don’t need any special fitness equipment!

  6. Join a family sports activity. If the gym isn’t for your family, maybe there’s a sport you can play or a club you can join to help fuel your exercise together. And don’t forget, even if money is tight and you can’t join a gym or buy sports equipment – many running shops have free running clubs which you can join and attend on a regular basis at no cost.

If you’re concerned about the health of your family, it’s relatively easy to make a change – and it needn’t cost too much to do. So hide the iPads and turn off Netflix, and spend some time together as a fitter, happier family!

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