10 Foods That Fuel Muscle Growth

10 Foods That Fuel Muscle Growth

Working out regularly has so many great benefits in regards to building up our stamina and strengthening muscles - however that's just the beginning as there are other factors we need be aware of such as diet which can make or break any progress we've made with working out (or lack thereof). 

Luckily though, this doesn't mean being deprived from eating lovely home cooked meals because if anything all those dishes packed some serious muscle boosting punches without even trying!

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 foods that will help you build muscle and gain weight.


Eggs were once considered an unhealthy meal option because they're high in cholesterol with little fiber or nutrients. Nowadays we know eggs have all amino acids needed for muscle growth and contain fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K as well as vitamin B12—a nutrient important for sustaining vitality during heavier workouts like weightlifting. 

Phenomenal fact: one egg contains about 6 grams of quality proteins packed with essential amino acids necessary for building muscles!


Fish is an excellent source of protein and nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for a healthy body. Fish can be found in many different flavors such as salmon, tuna fish with the skin removed (to reduce mercury levels), Tilapia or shrimp which has less fat than other types. 

So if you're looking to live healthier without spending hours at the gym every day then add some variety into your diet by adding more seafood!

The benefits of eating fish include: higher amount of proteins; essential vitamins like vitamin B12 and D from chum Salmon because it's richly pigmented meat even though not all dark meats provide this benefit; Omega-3s - good fats that help build muscle tissue & repair muscles after exercise

Greek Yogurt

While regular yogurt isn't bad, there's a reason why Greek is the preferred variety. It has twice as much protein and it tastes great too! But don’t just limit yourself to snacking on greek-style yogurt; mix it up with some granola or fruit for breakfast in order to get your fill of both high-quality proteins that digest at different rates - slow ones first thing in the morning followed by fast later on when you need more energy after classes have ended.

Lean Meat

The best way to give your body the energy it needs is by eating protein. Quality sources of meat such as chicken, pork and beef help with muscle growth while being rich in vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy. Lean cuts are a great option because they contain less fat than other types of red meats which can lead to weight gain or obesity over time without exercise.

Cottage Cheese

Bulk up those muscles with low-fat cottage cheese! One cup of this creamy, high protein dairy product contains amino acids that help build muscle. In addition to reducing the rate at which your body breaks down muscle tissue, one study found that people who ate a serving of plain or flavored Greek yogurt every day for 12 weeks saw their strength increase by 14%.


Whether you're in need of some snacking inspiration or looking for something light before dinner, these crisp soybeans made from fresh green pods can provide your body with all sorts of benefits! Not only do they contain an impressive amount of vitamins like folate (a natural antihistamine), vitamin K which helps keep bones strong and healthy while also strengthening blood vessels, but manganese – a trace mineral that promotes bone health among other things - as well!


When it comes to building muscle, proteins may take priority but we can't forget carbohydrates that provide the fuel and energy we need for exercising. Quinoa offers a healthy dose of carbs, fiber, magnesium and phosphorus in addition to other benefits including boosting athletic performance as well as preventing heart disease.


Beans should be on the grocery list every week because they contain many different nutrients that promote good health. Beans might even lower risk of diabetes or heart disease in some people- check with your doctor before adding these foods from the store though!

Beans are a great source of plant protein, but there is one caveat. If you're on the vegetarian diet plan and need to consume generous portions beans in order for it to be effective enough as an alternative nutrient-wise than meat sources then know that runners require at least 10 grams protein per meal or else they won't experience any muscular growth (The runner's body requires this amount because muscle development depends so heavily on proper nutrition). This means if you eat 2 servings of refried beans your total intake will be 20 grams which could leave some wanting more out of their meals. One spoonful can offer 3 less than wholesome calories whereas eating half a scoop offers 6 carbs and 0 fat with only 4 extra milligrams calcium while also being healthy cholesterol


Almonds and peanuts, high in calories though they may be, are actually essential for athletes to fuel their bodies. Packed with nutrients that help break down carbohydrates and fats while working out, nuts like these can provide a much-needed boost of energy without the added weight as you exercise.


Almonds are a great option for people who need to watch their cholesterol. These nuts provide the right combination of healthy fats that can keep your heart in top shape and lower blood pressure, while also being rich sources of protein to power you through an active day.

Scientists believe that the fiber in almonds is what makes them such a great food for dieting. Researchers from King's College London found participants who consumed 1.5 ounces of almonds per day had significantly reduced their waist circumference, abdominal fat mass, and leg fat mass more than those consuming complex carbs with similar calorie intake over 12 weeks' time.


Walnuts are the only nut to provide a decent amount of alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega 3 fat. Although ALA may not be quite as powerful on its own compared to EPA or DHA, it still needs to be converted in your body before you can fully take advantage of all those benefits that come from having more omega 3s floating around inside you. So make sure there's plenty fatty fish and other sources like Omega JYM ready for when they're needed!


Peanuts are not just a healthy snack that can fuel your workouts, they're also good for your testosterone levels. They come in at the top of foods with monounsaturated fat content and have more protein than most other nuts making them a great source to add some muscle on those arms!

Brazil Nuts

Most of the carbs in Brazil are nuts are packed full of fiber which is great. However, they generally contain much higher levels of fat. So, if you have a low carb day, this makes them ideal. They’re also loaded with Selenium. This is a mineral that helps to support thyroid function that controls your metabolism. For this reason it’s a great nut to eat as a snack to fuel muscle growth.


Cashews are a popular nut because they taste great, but there is less healthy fat per ounce than other nuts. Cashews also have more carbs than most nuts with only 1 gram of fiber coming from the protein inside it. The high carb levels means you need to keep in mind what else you will eat and drink before or after eating cashew if your goal for this snack was something low-carb like yogurt or an apple!


When it comes to milk, you can't go wrong with a tall glass of cold deliciousness. Milk has the perfect combination of protein and carbs that will make your day complete! Plus, unlike Greek yogurt (which is loaded with fat), milk contains fast-digesting proteins which are great for post workout recovery or if you're trying to maintain muscle mass during weight loss efforts. 

There's also evidence showing how drinking milk after workouts could amplify your muscles by 500% in as little five days! And on top of all this amazing benefits we already know about: It helps increase bone density AND prevents osteoporosis too?

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