What Are The Best Ways To Store Your Barbells?

In this article, we are going to talk about the BEST WAYS TO STORE YOUR BARBELLS. If you have a garage gym (or any other type of home workout space), you may be wondering what is the best way to store your barbells.

Here at We R Sports, we want our customers to make informed decisions and get the equipment that works for them.

So let's dive in...

We could all do with some more space in our house, and most of us don't have enough room for a barbell rack.

That's where a storage or shelving unit comes in handy.

If you don't store your barbells in the right way, they will take up too much space on the floor.

But with a storage or shelving unit, you can stack your bars and store them against the wall.

Also, With a storage unit, they are stored and protected in one place.

Here are some proper barbell storage guidelines:

* Store the bar up high and not near the ground

* Don't store them in an area where they can be stepped on

* Try not to store them at an angle

* Keep the bars from touching each other

* Store them away from children and pets

* Stack your barbells on their end so they don't roll around or get damaged

* If you're storing your barbells in a storage or shelving unit, make sure they are at least 12 inches away from any other items on the shelf. This will allow them to breathe and not warp due to heat over time.

* Store the bars horizontally, not vertically. This will prevent the weights from slowly sliding down and causing damage to the discs on the ends of your barbells.

* When using a storage unit, be sure that you have enough space for them to fully lie flat without touching each other in any way, this also prevents warping and bending due to heat over time.

* To protect your bars further, wrap them with towels before putting them into the storage unit.

* If you're storing your bars on the floor, make sure they are in an area with good airflow and away from direct sunlight.

* Use carabiners for easy storage; this will allow them to be hung up or stored against a wall easily.

Horizontal Space is Best

If you only have one barbell, it is best to store the bar on end. You may want to put a towel or something similar between each side of the weight, as they are not designed for horizontal storage and can be damaged if stored this way.

- If you have more than one barbell (or other pieces of equipment), make sure there is sufficient space in between each item.

Why horizontal is best

Barbells are not designed for long-term horizontal storage and can be damaged if stored this way.

Horizontal space is best because the bar will have less chance of being scratched by other equipment, as well - it is also much easier to find a place to store your weights when you do this!

The sleeves of the barbell contain bushings or bearings or both. Sleeves that have been treated with Anti-Friction Coating are there to allow sleeves to spin freely.

They are designed to support heavy loads like weight plates while the bar is horizontal.

These devices aren't designed to support much load with the bar in a vertical position, and they're more likely to fail when the weight plates are loaded onto a barbell that is in this position.

A better way to store your weights would be on their sides with at least one end of each plate facing outwards so you can see it – if you don't want them all facing up, for example.

This method is best for weight plates that are in a stack or on their own – and it's not as good if you have more than one barbell.

Quality bearings and bushings rely on proper lubrication, that will stay put when the barbell is positioned horizontally. If the bar is positioned vertically, this may not be the case.

In all honesty, the lack of lubrication shouldn’t be a deciding factor for storing your bar vertically.

Bearing surfaces are sealed to keep debris out and lubrication in.

Regardless of the angle of storage, your bushings are unlikely to be affected.

Worst case scenario, you may need to lubricate your sleeves after a long period of storage.

The issue with storing barbells vertically is the potential for their sleeves to contract or expand when stored that way.

Horizontal Storage Options

If you chose to store your barbell horizontally, there are a few different options.

The first option is to use the space under your bed: most people have some extra room in their closet underneath furniture or even a tall dresser they can place the weight on for storage.

Another option is to put them against the wall with two chairs and then in the middle of those chairs, put a weight.

This is not recommended if you want to have anything on that wall behind them or if your floor has carpeting and it would be difficult to slide them out when needed.

The recommended option for horizontal storage is buying a barbell stand.

Get rid of clutter and have an organised space for your weights

This will help you to be able to know precisely where your weight is and not have them all over the living room floor or kitchen table.

Invest in a barbell rack to get the most out of your space

The best way of storing your barbells is to invest in a barbell rack.

There are many different types of racks available, but it is important to make sure they are not too heavy while still being stable and holding the weight that you need them to hold.

Use a weight bench that has storage for bars and plates

Though not recommended, you can also store your barbells on the back of a weight bench.

If you have an adjustable bench, that is best because it will allow for easy storage and access to bars and plates while working out.

Keep all your equipment together with a barbell bag or case

Another option is to use a barbell bag or case. These can be made out of leather, canvas, nylon and more so you will want to make sure the material is durable enough for your needs.

Use foam mats as another option for storing equipment

Another idea for storage space is using foam mats that are available in different sizes depending on how many bars you have. These are also available in different colors to match your style.

Use a towel and rubber bands

Again, not something we recommend but you could use a towel or other soft material and place it on the floor with some rubber bands underneath each bar end.

This will allow them to be lined up perfectly while taking up less room than traditional storage racks

Use a piece of carpeting

If you have some spare carpet, laying it out on the floor can work well for storing your bars.

Again, not an ideal solution but if you don't mind having them set up in this manner then it is worth considering as another option.

Buy the right size storage container or rack 

So many get this wrong and buy a rack or other container that is either too small for their bars or doesn't fit them at all.

It's important to make sure that the size you're getting will accommodate your space and be large enough to store what you need it for but still not take up an excessive amount of room in terms of physical space.

Vertical Storage Options

One of the best options is to store your bars vertically, as this will take up less space and allow you to fit more items in that limited physical area.

In terms of what type of stand for a rack try one with casters so it's easy when moving around or if you need access to other equipment nearby.

If you don't own anything that can hold your weight then it's time to start thinking about buying some equipment in order for this problem of storage place.

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