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A multi-station exercise gym is made up of frames, cable systems in sections used during exercises. High adjustable pulleys for exercises like ab crunches. A leg extension curl station with a pivoting seat that has proper support pads for all exercise movements. A pair of adjustable arm pad assemblies to work on bicep curls and other similar exercises. An all-in-one system for core strengthening exercises that fits your exercise program.

  • Comercial Power Rack Cage SILVER
    All in one exercise machine

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  • Half Rack Power Cage BLUE
    A power cage should be the center piece of any good gym. They are fully enclosed and offer the most safety for exercises like squats and bench press.
  • VenomXtreme Home Multi Gym BLACK-ORANGE
    VenomXtreme Home Multi Gym BLACK-ORANGE
  • Foldable Crossfit Rack GREEN
    Has multiple hand positions to suit long and short arm spans and to give ultimate variety of grips. Suitable for TRX or other suspension systems, Positioned at the rear centre, This offers a great fixing point for a variety of training. Commercial strength J hooks and safety bars for all your power training needs Optional abs and reverse hyper extension pads and rollers Lots of rack hole positions available and numbered for easy adjustments of the J hooks and safety bars. Smooth lat/low row cable system for all your cable needs. accessories hooks for power band jump rope etc. 4 x Weight plate storage rods each side, These are positioned at the rear of the unit to hold your weight. Smith machine, superior design and enginneering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement. The unique patented slider design ensures a smooth even movement through the entire length of the steel shaft. Folding bar for clear access to the power rack when smith machine is not in use. Olympic barbell holder on both sides. Power band pegs for resistance and assistance movements. Extreme Core Training, fits both Olympic and regular size bars. Personal fitness enthusiasts or elite sports persons can train there core with power, anti rotation and rotation movements.
  • Home Gym Multi Gym 100LB Workout Machine Lat Pull Leg Developer
    Now you can have gym-quality exercises right in your own home. The We R Sports Home Gym offers a total body workout with its 100-lb/45.3kg. selectorized weight stack, which is enclosed in a protective solid steel shroud cover. It features both high and low pulley positions to offer a variety of upper and lower body exercises. This home gym also has a total leg developer for leg extension and leg curl exercises. Its no-cable-change design means that you don't waste precious workout time reconfiguring the machine every time you switch exercises.

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  • Commercial Half Power Crossfit Rack Swivel Chin Handles Home Gym
    The Commercial Fitness Half Power Rack sets a new standard in commercial power racks. Backed with a lifetime, full commercial frame warranty and with several unique features, it is the perfect half rack for any bespoke gym, sports team facility, CrossFit box, PT studio or premium home gym. The half rack is designed with multiple, laser-cut holes to ensure the spotter catchers or We R Sports J Hooks can be set at any height. The adjustable chin attachment can also be set at multiple heights and the rack can be fully attached to other Power racks to create a full wall of racks if desired. The half rack frame is supported by an extended base structure to ensure a 500kg maximum load capacity and security when performing a wide range of exercises. The extended base frame also allows for any bench to be fully utilized in the half rack.
  • We R Sports Monster Power Cage Multi Power Rack Smith Machine Home Gym Crossfit Combo Lat /Low Row
    Commercial Functional Trainer With twin weight precision cut 80kg stacks featuring protection shrouds and commercial grade pulleys with easy to use pop pins for super quick weight selection. Super smooth motion provides a correct form for a huge range of exercise techniques and training programs including a unique double cable lat pulldown and low rowing option. Power House Smith Machine The We R Sports Monster Rack has outstanding design to guarantee safety and a natural range of movement for squats, deadlifts, chest press, upright rows, lungesfast-trackand shoulder press. Constructed from the highest quality steel by top craftsmen, training on this machine is absolutely exhilarating.

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  • Multi Station Home Gym Ab Bench Lat Pull Back Biceps Pull Up Station
    The We R Sports Multi-Station Gym is the ultimate in Home Gyms! Along with 100LB/45.3kg Weight Stack & full functionality of a standard Home Gym, the Multi-Station offers a range of workouts. Experience a complete workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Say goodbye to expensive gym membership fees forever! This Multi-Station Gym system offers the ultimate package of exercise options, catering for people of all fitness levels.