Balance Trainers

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Balance is a key element of fitness. Strength, cardio and flexibility are the ones rounding up the rest. Balance is the ability to to control the body's position either stationary or moving. In all physical activities, the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Balance training workouts are vital to developing your coordination as well as strength training.

  • BalanceIT Vibrant Balance Board
    We R Sports Wobble Boards are made of moulded plastic with a sensory stimulation surface on the top. The We R Sports Wobble Board is designed for balance and proprioception training. It provides multi-planar challenge. Good for closed kinetic chain exercises, core strengthening, stability and sensorimotor training.Range of motion and flexibility (ankle). Developing automatic postural reactions. Injury prevention and strengthening (ankle/knee). The We R Sports Wobble Board is sturdier and lighter In addition, balance training using these boards can be integrated with other resistance and balance products, including We R Sports Resistance Bands and Tubing, Exercise Station, Soft Weights, and FlexBar (each sold separately). Features: Provides multi-planar challenge Made of sturdy molded plastic Non-slip Textured Surface makes it less slippery than wooden wobble boards Light & easily transportable Easy to use Size: 16 1/8" diameter

    Available colors:

  • BalanceIT Balance Board BLACK-RED
    Made of premium hard plastic, this highly portable board has a durable, slip resistant surface that's also easy to clean.
  • BalanceIT Wooden Balance Board WOODEN
    ★ Excellent for physiotherapy- helping make you feel better ★ Develops stability and core strength ★ Increases functionality in everyday life ★ Reduces pain and fatigue ★ Increases energy for an active lifestyle ★ Reduces instability ★ Increases body's ability to manage stress ★ Helps promote lean muscle development ★ Helps in weight loss ★ Have more energy and reduce pain for an active lifestyle