The Best Way to Get Started With a Healthy Lifestyle

The Best Way to Get Started With a Healthy Lifestyle

The Best Way to Get Started With a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living is a long-term commitment, but it’s something that you can do – and succeed at – today.

The real challenge is making sure that the motivation and enthusiasm that’s driving your change is enough to help you overcome the temptations, challenges and bad habits which will all try to lead you astray over the coming weeks and months!


And being honest, when you’re faced with so many decisions (and so much conflicting advice to wade through!) about food, exercise, equipment and so on – it can be easy to give up and slip back to where you don’t want to be. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


One of the common things our customers tell us is that when they started making a change to their lifestyles, it all started with some small changes they could be successful with rather than massive changes which would be too hard to keep up once their enthusiasm faded or the grey skies and cold wind set in.


It’s worth saying that again – a small change you can succeed with is better than massive changes you can’t keep up.


For example, if you want to consume less sugar don’t try to eliminate it from your diet in one fell swoop – instead reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee, drink 3 cans of soda instead of 5, or buy a smaller bar of chocolate rather than the larger one (yes, we know they’re better value for money – but they’re not better for you!)

On the other hand, if you want to exercise more, don’t aim to train 4 times a week – there’s a real risk you’ll start to resent, and avoid your workouts. Instead make sure you exercise one evening a week, or join a club that meets once or twice a week and limit your commitment to that. Once you’ve made it a part of your routine – then you can up the ante and start to do more.

Or if you’re wondering about equipment (something we know an awful lot about of course!), if you don’t know what exercise is “for you”, don’t spend too much when you’re starting out. The last thing you want to do is dive in with an expensive treadmill to find that you prefer cycling or weight training – so start small (and the same goes for gym clothes and trainers!) and, once you know what works for you and what you enjoy, invest in better equipment you know you’re going to use.

Overall, the first step is the hardest and the most important – and once you make it it’s important that you can maintain your enthusiasm. Setting a goal and achieving it is much more motivating than a goal that makes you start to resent working out, so start small and make a positive change in a small way. Once you do, you can take the next step and build up from there. 

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